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we built until the server crashed..
  Published: 2 months ago



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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
F u youtube

12 hours ago
What my creative battles look like

18 hours ago
F u YouTube

21 hours ago
Does anyone see the sideways snowmen.

1 day ago
Has anyone noticed lazerbeams bottled rockets killed one mad nugget

1 day ago
What if everyone used a rift to go at the same time

2 days ago
Hoes watching when Lazarbeam has 9.9 million subscribers

3 days ago
4:16 look at the snowman???????

3 days ago
LazarBeam can you send me a friend request I have no wins and nobody else wants to help me my name is SolarMathew603

3 days ago
Did you mean to say code Lazar

3 days ago
Fuck you toub

4 days ago
Fuck you

4 days ago
I won ya

4 days ago
They killed one ST

4 days ago
Lazarbeam why won't you just kill fresh

4 days ago
Fuck u YouTube why demonised a bloody legend

5 days ago
Fuck you youtube

5 days ago
Whats the matchmaking key

5 days ago
Make sure you use code “Lazar” with two “A’s.”

5 days ago
I think you are the only YouTuber who does what the title says 😇

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