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Never Get CAUGHT Watching Por...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 9 months ago


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Ever since Google Glass, we've been skeptical about Virtual/Augmented/Mixed reality wearable glasses, but could these help you watch Netflix or do covert gaming on a plane or college dorm?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
kids growing up with AR i grew up loading windows up on a floppy >.> DOC i need the delorean

1 day ago
goode goggles in young justice is like this

1 week ago
Kinda love to have one for when I go hammocking

2 weeks ago
You can't say "Porn"??

2 weeks ago
Two sponsors?

2 weeks ago
I would use it but I do have a oculus rift so I kinda know what’s that like

2 weeks ago
Apple product?

2 weeks ago
I just want a HUD in RL...

2 weeks ago
To answer the question for me it would depend on what I'm doing.

2 weeks ago
Yeah I'd use it. Easier than holding a tablet to watch videos on a go. Needs a carrying case, which it obviously will have. And a wireless mouse or other pointer. Perhaps use the cell phone touch screen as a mouse so you don't have to carry another object.

2 weeks ago
the internet is for ...

2 weeks ago
I could see something like this being really great for a museum. A camera could recognize the artifact you're looking at and automatically give you more information. These could also be good for remodeling companies to show you what your house will look like. Of course, someone should also put Pokemon Go or Ghostbusters World on these.

3 weeks ago
Never get caught watching por....kchops being cooked by Gordon Ramsey!

3 weeks ago
Fapple is to lazy to fucking lawsuit this becuse the reson is that they were lazy enogh to leave the iphone X with no audio jack well there goes americas best phones to being 2nd best phones plus im useing an iphone 6 s plus right now and its prety shit becuse my audio jack is not working and i cant use my turtle beach Bluetooth headset. Fapple is worthless peace of sheet

3 weeks ago
why can't they just make a wireless vr headset with cameras on the front and call it ar?

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
This is really interesting, and I would pay in to such tech. Especially if I'm able to display consoles/computers with this tech that might be best viewing experience however that's if myself. I still would need a tv to entertain a group, but if by myself oh f- yeah.

4 weeks ago
hmm, you have me intrigued...

4 weeks ago
never get caught porfavor

4 weeks ago
I'm late to the party, but I wouldn't, purely becuase I would love it, and get used to it, just in time for the battery to die, unless I'm carrying a battery pack with me, and a computer, I can't forsee me using it for anything in my day-to-day life, at home, sure, I could have it plugged in and watching youtube while laying down or doing chores

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