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Never Get CAUGHT Watching Por...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


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Ever since Google Glass, we've been skeptical about Virtual/Augmented/Mixed reality wearable glasses, but could these help you watch Netflix or do covert gaming on a plane or college dorm?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
I would use it if they ever released a version that worked on 1 eye.

2 days ago
You bet, I'd definitely would use it. I watch a lot of vids on my phone and this would be a lot easier than holding my phone for hours at a time.

2 days ago
I'd use it, yes. I think it'd be incredibly useful at work, or on the road.

2 days ago
how is the feeling of someone wearing eyes spec and wearing that lens?

2 days ago
por... is probably something covered in this video, and the were talking about Victoria's secret and stuff so i bet that it is never get CAUGHT watching porn on this screen thingy

2 days ago
best product ever!!!!!!!

3 days ago
Pokemon go would be insane

3 days ago
Never Get Caught Watching Porsche's being stolen? I don't get it?

5 days ago
Is this alinity in the thumbnail? :D

5 days ago
To answer the

I think it's very cool that people are working on these technologies, and I look forward to the distant future of devices like these, but in their current form, I don't find ANY AR or VR device appealing. Anything bigger than a regular pair of glasses is too bulky for me to want to carry around, and the features they offer just don't seem very useful or entertaining...or at least, not enough so to justify setting up some big awkward head trap. This device is a step in the right of many steps to anything desirable.

6 days ago
Never get caught watching por... Transformers: Age of Extinction.

6 days ago
Finally, I can become a Halo marine

1 week ago
google glass

1 week ago

1 week ago
I would really like to have one of those. So gone are the days of boring school hours! If you’re bored you can watch a LTT video!

2 weeks ago
By definition, a very little to do with AR, as the R is hardly seen there, so there's nothing to A. Just like overlay video player, seen in the movie Screamers (1995) - the rookie soldier got similar goggles and constantly watched the porn.

2 weeks ago
In Soviet Russia, por_ catch you.

2 weeks ago
so somebody in MS didn't listened to his ideas, so he quit is going to teach MS how to make AR lenses.

2 weeks ago
He&% yeah I would.

2 weeks ago
Can that be used on DJI Drones? :)

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