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Never Get CAUGHT Watching Por...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Ever since Google Glass, we've been skeptical about Virtual/Augmented/Mixed reality wearable glasses, but could these help you watch Netflix or do covert gaming on a plane or college dorm?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

20 hours ago
I want one so badly. Or at least the tech for my own projects

2 days ago
That display tech is basically just the virtual boy

2 days ago
Absolutely yes.

6 days ago
It would be a damn interesting part for that sigaretbox PC.
Just a pico-sized-keyb and we're set?

7 days ago
AR has many places in can be used, but virtual reality also has many ways to be implemented. if I had to choose I would choose VR. the thought that you could be put into a sleep state while you game or learn at an accelerated pace because your mind is much faster thus spending 4 hr in VR would only be 1hr in real life. while it's still not possible with current technology the possibilities are huge in the VR market.

7 days ago
I use my gear vr on the plane haha

1 week ago

1 week ago
All I wanna know is who is the women in the thumb nail 👍

2 weeks ago
My eyes see one thing but my brain says something else is going on.

2 weeks ago
I was as interested in the Star Wars stuff as the tech. Knock off Stormtrooper armor, or from one of the movies?

2 weeks ago
Buddha Box

2 weeks ago
In the case of Elite Dangerous gaming experience AR could be better than VR becouse you still need to chat with friend with a keyboard and in VR that is almost imposible. But with AR you could play and see your keyboard.

2 weeks ago
Omg the title 😂

2 weeks ago
For me I see this being awesome for work. Why get a 4k+ monitor if I can have AR with a range on custom viewport size? Get a desktop experience to cast onto those lenses and having dynamic window sizes would be a dream.

2 weeks ago
I would so use one of these

2 weeks ago
they need blackout technology like on home windows, where an electric current causes the screen to become a solid color.

2 weeks ago
what happened to google glass back in 2012

2 weeks ago
I have a severe disability, I would use it daily if I had one......

2 weeks ago
I definitely want it. Even with a cable running down my hoodie into my pocket, add a mini bluetooth controller and BOOM! Best time at the DMV ever!

2 weeks ago
Por... As in Portuguese models having a dance party?

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