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Never Get CAUGHT Watching Por...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Ever since Google Glass, we've been skeptical about Virtual/Augmented/Mixed reality wearable glasses, but could these help you watch Netflix or do covert gaming on a plane or college dorm?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

15 minutes ago
It seems there is some misunderstanding on iGlass USA's "Display Tech" and our Consumer product "iGlass Mobile AR theater". iGlass USA's core tech is the display tech, which we are open to license to other partners in the AR field, for their own AR applications like education, remote medication, etc. iGlass USA has no plan to enter each AR application but rather to support our partners. But as of our own consumer product "iGlass Mobile AR Theater", there is no need to work with others, it is our internal product. In short, we have our own simpler consumer focused product "iGlass Mobile AR theater", but we are open to license our "Display Tech" to our business focused partners

9 hours ago
I use my gear vr every time I fly. A 5 hour flight goes pretty quick when you watch movies. Also with netflix offline now it makes it easier on flights

9 hours ago

17 hours ago
Your titles are really turning to be just clickbaits. Please stop spreading the cancer.

21 hours ago
Homemade Oral sex porn Duckys Castle 🏰 Hackintosh "normal" human virgin23🔔sole of peoples babyface feet👣mcjuggernuggets Bigbrudda Cuckoo nest family no friend : ( 95 college acquaintance Beastiality13 home life🏠African American dweeb autism shout2000 job interview

23 hours ago
Let me finish your title: Never get caught watching porn

1 day ago
What episode of The Black Mirror is this?

1 day ago
Playing Pokemon go with that. OMG, u could have battles and shit

2 days ago
if they could compact the design to something that more resembles sunglasses than a Vr headset, i might use it.

2 days ago
"That's definetely breasts" - Linus

2 days ago
I just put on my camo suit when I want to watch porn

2 days ago
Never Get CAUGHT Watching Porn? WTF is this video!

2 days ago
AR is alternating Reality ? LOL
It means Augmented reality.

2 days ago
If you compare to the "mobile VR" trash, sure I'd rather be in AR. Of course real VR like the Vive or Rift is preferable to AR. But you can skew your statistics however you like when comparing to fake mobile VR. Only the Lenovo Mirage Solo is a worthwhile mobile headset, but it's still nothing compared to real VR.

2 days ago
now you can bring your 2d wife wherever you go

2 days ago
9:05 is he watching the flock of seagulls i ran music video?

2 days ago
Well for people in cities moving around with busses trains etc, I would definitely go with the AR. You can watch a movie, play games, watch YouTube and never miss your stop or no one steals your stuff

2 days ago
Never Get CAUGHT Watching Porn

2 days ago
If i didn't have my car, and had to use bus or train, yeah, i would want one

2 days ago
linus, maybe talk about AR Audio <3 i got a low budget smartphone plus a bluetooth mono headset mline tango(has only 7g and the remapping of buttons works). i got me Shouter pro on android, basically it reads notifications, but also chat conents etc, time, etc, together with placebook it nice when arriving some spot, then also: smart headset assistant(android), it really enables it as an interface, and mixed with hello google <3 it very nice for biking. i got soma fm stream plus ar audio while riding my ebike for like 50eur ^^

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