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What is Eve Online
   A Bad Show (For Bad People)
  Published: 2 months ago


A video that attempts to provide a clearer picture of what Eve is, and why you should play it.

Eve Invite Link (250k free Skill Points):
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Comments Directly on YouTube

19 hours ago
Eve online, the best looking Excel sheet of all time... Haah good times

20 hours ago
I wanted to explore in EVE and made several attempts, but was always chased or killed for daring to look at a planet or enjoy the sites.
Now I just play Elite Dangerous. The galaxy is big enough for true exploration and pirates are actually fun to contend with. A proper strategy and they can't get you.
However I wish they would take a large chunk of EVE and inject it into ED.

21 hours ago
Great review. This is probably the best description of the game I've found so far.

1 day ago
Eve is dying, c'mon man, everyone knows this.

1 day ago
dude thats space dumpster has a shield and they have a alien friend with a big mothership. i think thats where south park came up with the ice cream shitting taco supreme in space lol

1 day ago
that krusty laugh in the beginning

2 days ago
And now let's talk about why you shouldn't play this game. Massive time commitment. There is no such thing as playing EVE casually. It's like your second life. Do you have time for parallel second life? Eve is brilliant game... on paper. Sitting 2 hrs on a gate to catch some newbie player? Logging off because you have been ganked? Combat that looks like spreadsheet more than anything? Yes. This is EVE. Idea is brilliant but it ... somehow does not work very well.

2 days ago
The human centipede thumbnail brought me in but i loved the video. Also this video is so true, i saw a video of this big battle that supposedly happened a year or two ago and that got me hooked, but lol, so far I've mainly been chaining my skill training.

Great video!!

2 days ago
Eve players are dead on the inside.

Idk about you, but when I play a game I want to be engaged and challenged 100% of the time. I want there to be a skill in driving the vehicles, shooting a target, or whatever other mechanic you are using, not memorizing a spreadsheet of numbers and pressing a few buttons.

A game you go watch YT videos WHILE PLAYING THE GAME to pass the time is a boring game. I heard the same from some MMO gamers "Yeah I listen to music, cook lunch, text on the phone,...while playing the game" wtf?

Some people do the same during movies.Get up, cook some pop corn, come back, miss 15 minutes of the movie, chat a bit to the guy next to you,
When I see a movie I want to be at the edge of the seat for the entirety of the experience, engaged and fully immersed in that world. But that's just me.

2 days ago
Thanks for this vid, man. My wife just said this is the best (and sexiest) voice she ever had to listen to while I was watching EVE stuff videos. All the others sound like nerds. That's what she said.

2 days ago
and here i thought planetside was hard to understand

2 days ago
This is a great video.

2 days ago
Loved the chrono trigger and master of orion 2 sounds you used!

3 days ago
This is (really) Eve is fun.

3 days ago
Eve seems like the game that you need to have been there at the beginning of the game or maybe a year or two after...

3 days ago
Sad Panda voice is back!

3 days ago
+1 for the Explorers ship at 4:28

3 days ago
Could shave 1/3 of the time off this vid if narrator wasnt high AF and could speak at a "normal" pace.... just sayin'

3 days ago
The nerd slayer reference earned you a sup fam. wp

3 days ago
I downloaded EVE. Made it almost all the way through the character selection! Whooo!

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