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I can't believe this.
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 months ago


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The Shure KSE1200 earphones are audiophile grade electrostatic earbuds that come with a matched amp.. but no DAC or equalizer- for that you need the KSE1500 for an extra $1,000.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
Yo, i thought you were gonna be tweaking your useless titles.

Why is it not "I can't believe this. - Shure KSI1200 earphones" or at the VERY least "2000$ earphones !" yet ?

3 days ago
5:27 notification noise

3 weeks ago
Sound energy 🤣

3 weeks ago
4:02 Wait people don't pay 2 grand just to have cool tech? Mac people have messed up (wait that tech isnt even cool)

4 weeks ago
5:26 Somebody gets a text message, listen closely.

2 months ago

2 months ago
I shamelessly watched this video on $6.99 Sony earbuds.

2 months ago
So this is what being rich sounds like 💵🧐 yay 2000 dollars is above the poor Man's bank account But not when spending credit card/ Master card
Man I feel Rich when use my credit card 🧐💰💰💸

Also, this is not what the average celebrity pays for $2000 worth of Cheap earphones they pay gold coins 💰 compared to ” poor people ” paper money Ew like what 😦 is paper

2 months ago
You know these earbuds are for musicians or singers

3 months ago
The wrist bands are for the electroSTATIC? Now everything makes sense.

3 months ago
omg, an enthusiast product that's outside of the financial means of peasants that produces an insane amount of quality with it's absurd price tag. I can believe it.

3 months ago
Do you think the Sony MDR-Z1R can defeat the kse1200?

3 months ago
god i wish i could afford to be an audiophile, id happily carry around an amp and high quality mp3 player filled with .flacs for the amazing sound quality

3 months ago
Funny how I couldn't hear a word after Linus said 2000$

3 months ago
ur so orange

3 months ago
what earphones does Linus currently use? still the ie 80?

3 months ago
Linus, is it possible to get that on a Monitor Audio?

4 months ago
Oh Yeah Yeah

4 months ago
It might have made more sense to compare these to BA technology since it's similar. Also BA's are the preferred drivers in high end IEM's.

4 months ago
TLDR: Don't get into audio gear unless you're a crazy person.

you're still welcome to join head-fi tho

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