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I can't believe this.
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Check out the Thermaltake A500 mid-tower case on Amazon at

Win an MPOW 059 headphones at
or pick yourself a set on Amazon at

The Shure KSE1200 earphones are audiophile grade electrostatic earbuds that come with a matched amp.. but no DAC or equalizer- for that you need the KSE1500 for an extra $1,000.

Buy Shure KSE1200:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
Current gen flagship smartphones already have DACs with the accuracy that is more than adequate for most audiophile needs and since this pair of headphones already comes with its own amplifier, you won't have to worry about the output volume of your phone anyway.

11 hours ago
Lol after him treating me like shit at CES a few years ago and now his clickbait titles, it wasn't very hard to unsubscribe.

17 hours ago
Hey Linus, I have the FIIO player with the FIIO Headphone amp hooked up to my SURE in-ear headphones people look at me crazy when I set up on the plane. But when I let them listen to them they have this look that I may not get them back. Unless you have tried something like this, you will never know!!!! I paid $450 for my set up so the headphones are not the top of the line ones.

22 hours ago
LG V phones have a decent on board dac.

1 day ago
Step 1: Buy $2000 audiophile grade IEMs. Step 2: Plug into mobile device. Step 3: Stream 96K lossy audio on free Pandora account.

2 days ago
This actualy isnt clickbait.
The only reason I watched this is because youtubes autoplay function.
I never watched the video because the title doesnt tell me what it is about: Wich means its probably a waste of my time.

2 days ago
The first time I remember hearing Q-tip I had no idea what it was (we call them cotton buds in England), and you can imagine my concern imagining people cleaning small holes with the tips of snooker cues.

3 days ago
M9 what?

3 days ago
Imagine listening to asmr on that.

4 days ago
Wow cool! I didn’t either!

4 days ago
what happend to the shop and whole team?

4 days ago
For 2000 $ I am gonna say no thank you !

4 days ago

4 days ago
I buy magicsound E10 for 40-50 euro (Ireland). Cool sound - I use them for 2-4 years. I even wash them in the washmachine accidentally in the pocket - and they work fine. When they break i replace with another magicsounds.... only this headphones.

4 days ago
I have my ENTIRE music collection on an SD card in my tablet. Almost 500 songs; I still can't believe it takes up only 4 GB. O.o

5 days ago
Just came here to tell you to stop contributing to the absolutely dreadful thumbnail pictures. Literally blocking channels that do this, especially when they have clickbait BULLSHIT titles

5 days ago
Video about $2000 earphones

>sponsored by $70 headphones

5 days ago
This product is aimed for professional musicians and the music industry in general, not casual mp3 stuff

5 days ago
fcuk it

5 days ago
so in the end not worth the money

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