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The 'Sh*thole Countries' Have One Thing Going For Them
   The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  Published: 1 week ago


The President's diarrhea-of-the-mouth resulted in his 'sh*thole' comment during a bipartisan meeting on immigration.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

44 minutes ago
Haitians eat dirt. look it up. so it is NOT a shithole? hmmmmm.....

2 hours ago
All is correct. Niggers must go to Africa. Mexicans must go to their stinky Mexico.
The Muslims are in their Shitholes to fuck donkeys.
America was built by immigrants! Yes! But immigrants from Eupropa on European values, law, aesthetics, architecture, culture.
The contribution of niggers of Muslims and other subhumen is zero. So shut up and go to your shitholes. You have accepted kindness for with. Trump will show you the animals how cruelly you are mistaken.

3 hours ago
Number of Africans who'd rather live in Africa than in America with Trump as president: 0

3 hours ago
He called shithole countries 'shithole countries'? OUTRAGEOUS!

3 hours ago
Murderers are shitty people. Most murderers in America are black. That means I'm racist. leftist logic 101.

5 hours ago
the one thing ever single country on the planet has on the USA? We don't have Trump for president!

8 hours ago
Hey Colbert, how many Blacks and Latinos live in your upscale gated community?

11 hours ago

14 hours ago
Oh you liberals,it's ok to be mad and irrate,after Trump won...NOW DEAL WITH IT....Like I did for 8 years under Obama,who lead from behind,playing you liberals like a fiddle.HAHAHAHA..YOU LOST YOU LIBERAL COMMUNISTS...Oh is that Whoopie Goldberg?Were you not going to Canada"eh"?

15 hours ago
Out of all the late night shows Colbert's got the best Trump jokes hands down.

18 hours ago
@1:30: Norwegians and other northern Europeans tan very well and typically have a natural orange tint...
if anybody "needs a lot of sunscreen", it's actually British and Irish people!

18 hours ago
Funny how somebody claims Trump said shithole but isn't man enough to identify himself.

19 hours ago
I live in the richest country in Africa. Rubbish tossed everywhere, massive crime and corruption. Crumbling economy. Total shit hole. I repeat....I live in the richest country in Africa. It definitely is a shit hole.

22 hours ago
I am not offended because I don't care about that really, but one thing is to say this or that countries is bad, poor, unequal etc, while saying it's a "shithole" is bad because he is the president of a country, so, I mean, it's one thing to say that privately, but saying it publicly makes it kind of offensive and not proper. Even because, what is the definition of a "shithole country"? Obviously some places are better than others and denying that is not smart (I'd hope the people who got offended would stop doing that because it diminishes the hardships and conquests of people from those countries), but it is not like those countries are all the same, or the US is in a good position to judge all of them. All that said, I live in a Latin American country and couldn't care less what is Trump's opinion about it, because I don't need American validation of my country or way of life.

23 hours ago
i sue this maggot if i was Trump , or i have him wasted put in a hole, what a fucking libtard tool

23 hours ago
Its a hell of a lot better then having a criminal liar like Hillary and her fake dosser Russian bull shit , you libtards are mentally ill live in a fucking demented bubble world,, and it is crumbling away , all you have is this cock sucker fag Stephen Colbert acting like some hero , Trump could and should jail this maggot for talking shit ,

24 hours ago
2:25 O sir you are a wedge 😂 Stephen Colbert 2018

1 day ago
looks like USA love's the politicians who only talk smart and lie 24/7....a simple minded person seems to be considerate a buffon...just wake the fuck up

1 day ago
We need some Trump fans to get together and Bash this motherfukers teeth down his fucking throat

1 day ago
Trump was not talking about the people but the countries. Trump is right on the mark. Why didn't Obama vacation in Haiti ?

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