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CAR SHOPPING!!! - WAN Show August 3, 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 7 months ago


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Timestamps Courtesy of Jesse Ferguson

0:00 - Linus Rant
4:32 - Intro
5:18 - Luke's Chair Rant
14:40 - Logitech acquires Blue Microphones
17:56 - Sponsor - Corsair
19:15 - Sponsor - Squarespace
20:33 - Sponsor - FreshBooks
21:26 - Next generation Nvidia Graphics cards will be called 2080 & 2070
26:39 - Canada's Levy on Blank CD's
28:50 - Intel Roadmap leaks
34:07 - Linus getting a new car? motorcycle?
42:47 - Let's shop with Linus for a new vehicle
47:30 - Linus pitches vehicles to Yvonne
52:40 - Outro
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
Get a Polaris Slingshot...a bike that’s a car

4 months ago
21:37 Graphics card has the star wars logo The Empire logo. Also for the bike you should try and get a yamaha yzr m1 moto gp bike put all tjhe lights and make it road legal. It has 245 horsepower and 150 kg about 340lb the lights and stuff might put you upto 350lb but that would be a lot faster than the bike you were looking at.

4 months ago
Was it a Herman Miller Aeron chair?

5 months ago
Bmw i3......pretty linus imo

5 months ago
get a steelcase. better than herman miller

5 months ago
FZ 07 linus just sayin... same twin style engine and amazing cheap commuter

6 months ago
Uhhh Nerdrage.. love it.. :D

6 months ago
there was a OEM geforce 300 series ...

6 months ago
Whooooaaaahhhhhh....Luke, you need to do a workout video instead. That would inspire us more!!! just saying...

6 months ago
If i can wheelie my 250 you should have no problems getting the front wheel up on a sv650!

6 months ago
Get better motorcycle. in 4 years you will laugh at you talking about the SV650 as Enough. Youll be a broken person if you get that energica.

6 months ago
i used to do a lot of engineering work for Herman Miller. try popping the casters out of the base then in if the creaking is too bad, a lot of the noise comes from there. that's a pretty common issue.

6 months ago
I wouldnt care, i would just buy it anyway. Idc i control what we drive, but she does work with you so i suppose thats a diffrent sittuation than me. I work i buy anything i want and what us and or kid needs

6 months ago
luke if you ever get the chance try a recaro chair

6 months ago
I totally get loving your old car/ bike. I'm still rolling with my 1998 Yamaha FZS600 and i love it. Every morning i see it, i just smile, sometimes even wave at it :) have this feeling if i keep taking care of it, it will take care of me on the road. :)

6 months ago
Fun fact people will still s*ck apple D

6 months ago
Just get a 2nd hand Herman Miller, the Aeron is literally the best chair I have spent my money on, I can sit on it for 24 hours straight with no fatigue at all, have had various office/gaming chairs in the past, there is just no comparison.

6 months ago
LINUS, Just get a Miata!

6 months ago
Hey Linus.

Linux updates don't wreck your shit the way Windows updates do.

With love from Penguin Land,
-Some Internet Guy.

6 months ago
47:30 Linus reveals he's having an affair, good thing his wife's not watching.

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