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CAR SHOPPING!!! - WAN Show August 3, 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Timestamps Courtesy of Jesse Ferguson

0:00 - Linus Rant
4:32 - Intro
5:18 - Luke's Chair Rant
14:40 - Logitech acquires Blue Microphones
17:56 - Sponsor - Corsair
19:15 - Sponsor - Squarespace
20:33 - Sponsor - FreshBooks
21:26 - Next generation Nvidia Graphics cards will be called 2080 & 2070
26:39 - Canada's Levy on Blank CD's
28:50 - Intel Roadmap leaks
34:07 - Linus getting a new car? motorcycle?
42:47 - Let's shop with Linus for a new vehicle
47:30 - Linus pitches vehicles to Yvonne
52:40 - Outro
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
Didn't know Linus had a bike! Definitely the second option, get a boring daily and a super bike for the weekend

6 hours ago
Linus go for Zero SR or Energica Essesse 9 for Car Linus should take a model X since he may carry lots of stuff for events n stuff! edit: plus you have kids xD so model x is the best and safest option!

8 hours ago
tbh this camera is very good! never noticed before the bear sleeves that Linus has!!!!

15 hours ago
The lightning still is nothing to the H2 Bud but man is it sexy

15 hours ago
You have had the sport model of my bike SV650S Mine is the N model You have had yours for 8 years and cant wheelie??? Iv had mine for 3 mouths and can ride a wheelie np DO YOU EVEN RIDE THO????

22 hours ago
Work with Engineering Explained on a S2000 build...

23 hours ago
Hold the horses! What? A divorce would be a disaster for Linus. Wife
y holds all the cards.......

23 hours ago
Herman Miller down the tubes! #bye

23 hours ago
Luke got duped! Hate scammers!

1 day ago
to luke , he should get an ikea chair it keeps me in the right spot all the time and is super conffy :)

1 day ago
Tesla S is not even a new model and an old news, get the upcoming AUDI ev that is suppose to be sensational so you can do a feature video on it.

1 day ago
but Luke was driving a tesla model s in scrapyark wars s7

1 day ago
I know I'm late to the party, but do a collab with Mighty Car Mods and build the skynet van

1 day ago
BOY that shit ain't nothing. I bought a new gaming pc i was making that cost around $2000. They left all of it outside my door. Just fucking sitting there. BITCHES BE CRAZYYYYYY!

1 day ago
Linus you would die on an electric bike with 168 lb-ft (not ft-lbs btw) of instant (probably computer controlled not to kill everyone who rides it) torque.

2 days ago
Dude Linus, just get a used Model S... Let someone else take the huge financial hit on the first year of ownership

2 days ago
What about turbocharging the civic? Make it a meme sleeper :))

Or IMO but a Nissan Stagea, that fits your style :3

2 days ago
A collab with ChrisFix will be fun

2 days ago
9900k coming out soon?!?!?!?! wait......... DOES THAT MEAN BY 2019 WERE GONNA HAVE A 10K-K CPU?????????????????

2 days ago
I love LTT content, but the more I hear about Linus' rants the more I'm surprised at his (increasing?) complete lack of prep or techniical ability. I guess getting old happens to us all

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