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The TV for the 1%
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


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LG’s nicest, most expensive TV for home theater enthusiasts is the 77 inch OLED 2018 W8 wallpaper TV with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration. It’s $15k, HDR, and has a Dolby Atmos Sound Bar. We’re not worthy...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

32 minutes ago
Like always best advice for an average consumers with well researched data on product. Best part of LG tv besides picture quality is the Magic remote which turns the whole TV like a computer screen with mouse. All my relatives ask me for way to have same remote on their TV.

4 days ago
OH really, I was taught burn in hasn't been an issue since plasma TVs

1 week ago
What about just getting a projector for your Tv ?

2 weeks ago
Overclock it to 10000 Hertz

2 weeks ago
OLED displays have low life still more bucks.... don't ever buy such tvs even if granted for 700$.... OLED displays are ideal only for mobile and laptops, watch etc.. not for NETFLIX watchers..
My Uncle's 55inch OLED has dead pixels just after 1 year of purchase and usage. Go for IPS or LCD 4K tvs for just 400-600$ that can live for morethan 5years with no issues..

2 weeks ago
Sold my 65" Qled, got a new LG 65" C8 on an ebay special for $2,500, havn't been this in love with a TV since my first 1080p screen. (Samsung 46" in 2008) Seems like a strange word to describe it but OLED is delicious in a way.

2 weeks ago
Did you just smash your hand at the TV? xD

2 weeks ago
🙄Linus and the sponsors

2 weeks ago
lol he destroyed the product :)

3 weeks ago
"for the rest of us". Haha, from the man who makes $12 million a year.

3 weeks ago
I swear, Linus, if I ever get a billion dollars, I’m gonna take you up on that Quadra video wall idea you had there.

3 weeks ago
The only problem they are not bright

3 weeks ago
1:24 - I forgot to connect the power cables... lol ... Linus we love you bro =]

3 weeks ago
OMG YOU ARE HOT AF !! Ever consider doing porn?😍😈

3 weeks ago
He didnt plug the tv into the sound bat to power it on lol

3 weeks ago
tv for the .5%

3 weeks ago
I remember a time when 42 inch LCD was $14990.00
You can now buy for $400.

3 weeks ago
Too many dam adds

3 weeks ago
I'll get one Linus when you give this as giveaway lol

3 weeks ago
Completely agree with the soundbar point. Pioneer Kuro offered their model without the speakers as well, and that is what I went with. I wish TV makers did that as well.

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