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The TV for the 1%
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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LG’s nicest, most expensive TV for home theater enthusiasts is the 77 inch OLED 2018 W8 wallpaper TV with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration. It’s $15k, HDR, and has a Dolby Atmos Sound Bar. We’re not worthy...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
Not interested. I want a new passive 3D display with 4K resolution in a smal size, like 30" for replacing my old LG-3D-monitor. And nothing else.
PS: And why should anyone be dumb enough for paying 15000$, if he could have someone mill out a 1 inch deep rectangle out of the wall for like 200$ from someone and place any TFT inside seemlessly?

10 hours ago
But in 1 year your TV will be out dated so not for me

17 hours ago

1 day ago
what is the name of the track that starts playing at 4:50 ?

1 day ago
this was a comfy vid

1 day ago
77inch screen burn waiting to happen with no screen burn warranty £15000 down the drain all OLED are screen burners no matter which model number you get which is a shame as LG do great tvs

3 days ago
In 5 years microLED !

3 days ago
This is just a bestbuy ad.

3 days ago
12 kilos or 27 freedom units lmao

3 days ago
The planet is a lie! :D

3 days ago
You are a funny fucking duck, the tv is garbage, needs to be calibrated after buying it. That's just been lazy from the company

4 days ago
If I had $15k to spend on something, I'd buy a car, not a TV.

4 days ago
This stupid TV is poping up with the same ad EVERYTIME here in sweden, its Zlatan taking out the TV from his car. Its on every single youtube ad and it just doesnt stop

5 days ago
watching a 4K video feed from a 77 inches oled TV, on youtube through a LED 1080p monitor...........................
don't ask how many inches....

5 days ago
"Lets fire it up, but not until....' you plug it in?

5 days ago
Still terrible for gaming. Bad motion handling and even for normal viewing there is the constant burn in risk. Plus LG are an awful company.

No thanks.

5 days ago
"If I was a normal person" does it mean you are aware that you're an abnormal person or you are not 🤔 Hmm.

5 days ago
Lol dangerously close to college tuition. The 72 inch TV barely covers the cost of my first semester.

6 days ago
I always find them completely over saturated! There is something I don’t understand with oled.

6 days ago
holy shit Linus is LG letting you keep it? $15,000.00 just Jizzed in my pants!

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