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The REAL Triple Monitor Laptop - Slidenjoy
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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It has certainly taken a while, but holy crap... LeSlide from Slidenjoy, aka the REAL triple monitor laptop setup!!!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

14 hours ago
Imagine that the guy next to you in coach pulling out a Macbook with one of those babies on it.

I personally don't know If I would be using it on the go, but I can see mounting this to a corner desk to turn it into a sleek little laptop dock type workstation.

24 hours ago
Looks like shit

1 day ago
I am probably going to order this. For the lowest model, which comes with two 17" 1920 x 1080 HD screens with 5ms response times (probably gtg they didn't say) for $428, the deal can't be beat. Looking online, most portable monitors with these specs cost over $200 for just one monitor, and they normally only offer 1 connection type, either USB 3.0 or type C. The type C connection being more expensive. So for having a nice case and both connection options, this looks like an amazing deal. For someone who in school like me, when I do programming assignments being able to use multiple monitors to view different resources or anything is super helpful and saves a lot of time. Thanks Linus for showing off what appears to be an amazing product. I spoke with someone at slidenjoy to confirm the specs, and they have a 10% discount offer going on right now. If you want to buy one, look into it now while you can.

2 days ago
What about the hinges of the two screens id be worried about those they will move in 2 ways for alot alot alot of times

2 days ago
I need to get this.

4 days ago
This is the most useless product i ve ever seen

4 days ago
4 clips on the laptop lid? Really? That is the show stopper.

4 days ago
This is noting but a scam and waste. For years this has been in dev and is no closer to being shipped. It was announced January 2019 for backers now it is pushed back yet again.

5 days ago
Why was this demo happening in a hotel room?

6 days ago
I currently use my iPad with the smart cover as a stand and connects with a single usb to lighting cable as a second display with the app, duet, works with windows and mac, no issues at all, I don't see a clear advantage to this vs picking up a tablet.

6 days ago
Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?

6 days ago
Ugly lol

6 days ago
Neat idea of gaming laptops too...

7 days ago
Seems ok, but I prefer monitors in portrait being a programmer.

7 days ago
nice, but i would like to mention the audio off sync. keep up!

7 days ago
Scam don't invest, how the he'll u get one since the backers haven't got shit for years

1 week ago
what about battery consumption?

1 week ago
Definitely ordering this. Asap.

1 week ago
Fuck, if it works well, I wouldn't mind getting it to do my audio/video work.

1 week ago
Can i get it to work with my s8?

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