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Everything Wrong With Bee Movie In 15 Minutes Or Less
  Published: 2 weeks ago


During the animation boom of the mid-2000's, Jerry Seinfeld himself concocted a movie idea, wrote the script, and voiced the main character. And somehow, against all odds, that movie ended up being utterly terrible. Here are the sins of Bee Movie. And no, we didn't do anything regarding the f*cking Bee Movie meme, because we write sins and don't adopt Internet memes. Good day, sir.

Next week: Family movie sins and action sequel sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

18 minutes ago
We all were waiting for this.

We were not disappointed.

2 hours ago
Wait what.. REALLY... you can't tell the difference between Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy? Hands down more sinful than most of the things sinned on this page! However, I can't help but end with "THAT'S RACIST"!!

2 hours ago
It's an animated fantasy film for kids, Jeremy. GTFO!

2 hours ago

2 hours ago

3 hours ago
This movie came out when I was four and it was one of my favorites, I never realized all these lines, terrible puns, and shit. The drag queen joke, the "became a slave to the white man" joke, everything, good lord.

3 hours ago
That was more than 15 minutes.

3 hours ago

4 hours ago
was that bee receiving BEEmotherapy? 😞

4 hours ago
not Ray BEEotta?

4 hours ago
what, no blues player named Bee Bee King? 😞

4 hours ago
Everything is wrong

5 hours ago
This movie is un-bee-lievable.

5 hours ago
3rd time watching this it's so funny

6 hours ago
Shut up it was awesome

7 hours ago
Jerry Seinfeld's son goes to my school, so I feel a personal connection to this movie.

7 hours ago
The most stupidest shit is that Beekeepers actually help the bee population. Heck, bees actually indeed make more honey then they actually need so there is no threaths to the bees when we take their honey like the beekeepers do. Next to that, almost ZERO honey is ever wasted bc it doesn't expire, can be used in so many ways and is one of nature's wonder products. Beekeepers let the bees have a home, vouch for enough flowers in the surroundinng areas and thus help the environment directly too.

Fuck this movie for a bad writing standpoint, bad research and just ugh.

8 hours ago
The intro always says “in less than __ minutes” but it is always longer.

9 hours ago
Sir, this is a movie for kids

9 hours ago

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