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Bilal Assad ᴴᴰ┇ The Battle Against Dajjal ***PROTECTION***
   Nourish TV
  Published: 6 months ago


Bilal Assad ᴴᴰ ᴴᴰ┇ The Battle Against Dajjal ***PROTECTION***
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2 weeks ago
All Praises is due to Allah, Lord of All The Worlds, May He bless Sheikh Bilal Assad tremendously in this life as well s the next. Ameen.

4 weeks ago
However these plagues r nothin new.... these great errors indeed were observed in most any generation , the vices of many societies regardless of how sociologically visible.
And our response as muslims is always to leave these troublemakers alone, try to b happy and hopeful with the other muslims as much as we can ♡♡♡

4 weeks ago
mashaa allah, a very interesting lecture to protect us from committing sin in our present time. specially fitnahh at this present time is very known.. may allah subhana watta allah help us and protect us against the entrapment of DAJJAL ...

4 weeks ago

1 month ago
Bilal Assad is my favorite speaker mashaAllah

1 month ago
Dajjal is not a one eyed giant. He is a normal looking man who is blind in the right eye. Dajjal is an evil magician.

2 months ago
Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!. It's the evil Father's ways of old who practice oppression slavery useing that Curse Magic Trick Box Money which is the root to all evil that cause the first reserrection on earth, and now their Children's is following their ways in this last generation and it have made the world evil than the first reserrection on earth, and now the Creator is on his way to bring the final resurrection judgement day soon soon soon! They broke the oath and decree and call for his wrath when they shead blood in the Holy Land where the Creator said not to do that because that's where his Prophets walk at, and this last generation did it anyway just like the first reserrection people of old did So repent and get ready because the Creator is on his way soon soon soon! Saleing life for a price when we all know the Creator gave it to us all to share the earth for free So Satan Trick them to put blood on the ground where the Creator Prophets walk, and it's your own kind of every race that's printing money and saleing life for a price have cause the world to go bad and got people doing everything just to eat! So you can't blame the people who are victims to the oppression even though it's wrong things they have to turn from and repent for because it's not right but two wrongs don't make a right So the Children's that are following their Father's ways of old practiceing oppression slavery by saleing life for a price useing Money need to stop printing that devil curse money and turn to the Creator and repent to before the judgement day come upon us all if not they will go to the Hell Fire to just like anybody else! You are talking about human beings who they call gay and calling them something else other than what the Creator name us all which is a human being but should say who did it to them and been sleeping with them, and cause life to go this way, and we all know it's the ones who are trying to be over the next when the Creator is the only one that's over all things and not human beings so it's both parties that the Creator said will be pointing the fingers at each other and blaming one another on judgement day and the Creator will tell them to stop talking in front of him because two wrongs don't make a right so if all don't stop doing evil and repent before the judgement day come upon us all which is soon soon soon, you will go to the Hell Fire! AZIZ aka Z

2 months ago
if we miss salah we are targeted by dajjal, and recite this like our Holy Prophet S.A.W.S. after every salah, Allahumma inni a’udhu bika min ‘adhabi jahannam, wa min ‘adhabil-qabr, wa min fitnatil-mahya wal-mamat, wa min fitnatil-masihid-Dajjal. Allahumma ‘inni ‘a’udhu bika minal ma’thami wal maghrami. then recite the first 10 verses of surah Kahf, in Salah, Surah, Fatiha, Surah Nas, Surah, Falaq, Surah Ihklas are the best for protection, in Salah, we are protected against the antichrist, as Salah has secrets that protect ones heart from disbelief and most definetely please Allah and His Messenger Muhammad S.A.W.S. May Allah S.W.T. guide us all to success and protect us from the hellfire and the fitnah of dajjal.

2 months ago
Why dont you stop preaching negativity the Prophet would offer good words and kindness!

2 months ago
Sins taken lightly, human life has no value. This is happening now in front of our eyes but still mankind does not see. Antichrist / dajjal ( the great deceiver) is already here and at work. May Almighty God protect us all.

2 months ago
Why is al dajjal even created subhanallah

2 months ago
My brother l I Delhi going morning taking work Dubai company l I have company translator cancel bizarre company have time 1 month me example l after going Pakistan my mother I secret life single guy my mother father family exampl

2 months ago
Dajjal (the anti christ)
Mahdi (the guided and guiding one)
Already inside internet both of them
Inside every computer laptop tablet telephone and tv
So choose the anti one or the guided one
But be careful each one has his own end and destination that you can stay for ever🔄

I choose the guided one
and every second of my life gives me the benifit of this life and after this
REMEMBER my friends:
Life is a just hour of test after this hour be ready for questions and decisions to your final destination

My advice to you⤵️
This video is the example

GOD bless you all 🤚✋

2 months ago
He looks like Allah. Draw him properly with one bad eye. Allah has two good eyes.

2 months ago

3 months ago
I❤️💯your lectures.

3 months ago
Pay the price the nasty mothercunt we feel sorry for really didn't come to partake ,meaning when I was a little child they used to walk around coming by your house ,couldn't speak English ,all they could. say is ,PARTAKE,,only to know it was the focking devil ,now they want to eat you raw ,not forgeting they selling guns too ,thfey are the most greediest animals the devil ever produced

3 months ago
Rum are eastern not the Vatican though, definitely not usa the judeo usa alliance, judeo dajjal alliance of heresy

3 months ago
SubhanAllah! As a convert I learnt what is haram and halal. All the illegal actions are haram. Just think law of the land has so many things illegal and if we violate the law we are given penalty, yet we are not brave enough to fight against the law of the land, but we dispute against Allah's order who forgives us again and again on repentance. HIS rules are for our own safety and security. Like no drinking and driving is for our own good.//Salaam/peace///

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