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Songs That Sound The Same As Another! (MUST WATCH)
   KM TV
  Published: 2 months ago


Songs That Sound The Same As Another

Top 100 Best Songs Of 2017

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 minutes ago
I think I screamed when BTS came on xD

8 minutes ago
Sorry but "Cheap Trills" and "Shape of you" are completely different

10 minutes ago
Is this is why I keep confusing sía with Rihanna?

17 minutes ago

23 minutes ago
only moron could say sthat they are same, using similar instruments and rythm dose make them same

25 minutes ago
Brave and roar

28 minutes ago
The question is, who is the copy cat?

45 minutes ago
It's not really a shock. there are only so many chords and progressions to choose from lol

55 minutes ago
the wild thoughts song was by the same person who did that song! Duh... XD

1 hour ago

1 hour ago
All these years & starving

2 hours ago
There are similarities everywhere. There's only so many notes and orders you can play them in! Nothing is ever completely original.

2 hours ago
The comparison of the one song to Wild Thoughts is because they sampled Carlos Santana’s guitar and he actually thanked them for it.

2 hours ago
I clicked on this video with no expectation of bts and idk why but I was shook when I saw them....

2 hours ago
Save me and fetish?do not sound alike!😂 Selena copied!!!!!xDD

2 hours ago
bts army

3 hours ago
So fetish is like 5 months ago.. And save me is a year ago!!! Now who 'copied'?

3 hours ago
they should've added the intro of million reasons and sign of the times.

3 hours ago
Selena disappointed me! Bts my lifeu❤

3 hours ago
I kind of lost track of which songs they were saying sound similar because each song was just played one after the other

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