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Ultimate Tour of Our NEW $100,000 Studio - Dyson Cyclone V10 Showcase
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 9 months ago


Thanks to Dyson for sponsoring this video! Check out their NEW Cyclone V10 Vacuum.
Dyson Cyclone V10 Canada Link:
Dyson Cyclone V10 USA Link:
#DysonV10 #DysonInvents

FINALLY, our messy new sets are done and ready to go! Linus does the tour and cleans them up with Dyson's brand new Cyclone V10 cordless vacuum.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
So I'm guessing that dyson paid for your entire studio.

1 day ago
5-6 minute run time on high with the powerhead spinning, and runs at 150 air watts. Most vacuums run at well over 350 air watts, and central vacuums run at 700 airwatts. Stop taking the bait people.

7 days ago
12:22 is that... a body pillow...?

1 week ago
....i was hooked until i looked up its price. its about $1000 cad with taxes... is there a more affordable model of the sort -.-

2 weeks ago
I'm going to make the Linus velociraptor sound my phone's new message alert!

3 weeks ago
I love the concept of this vacuum, but fuck the price of it.

3 weeks ago
your lire, i thought that you film that videos at your home -_- this was just window+bright light

3 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
Linus SUCC with Dyson!!!

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
sponsorship taken too far.

4 weeks ago

1 month ago
Dyson hair dryers sucks, they melt easily when in use for just 15 minutes

1 month ago
But it aint RGB

1 month ago
Bias review...

1 month ago
You guys should hire a janitor....

1 month ago
Does it have rgb

2 months ago
Whatever you do Linus, don't let AvE see this video.

2 months ago
but being Linus tech tips we noticed it wasn't running fast enough so we have brought kingpin to overclock the vacuum

2 months ago
Is it worth the money?

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