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Game Theory: We Were TOTALLY WRONG! What Bendy's Ending REALLY Meant (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
   The Game Theorists
  Published: 2 months ago


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Today we are explaining what the ending of Bendy and the Ink Machine is all about...again. Stay with me! We've uncovered new evidence that suggests the ending is so much more than we initially thought. The whole TIMELINE has changed! We need to start at the very beginning to be able to unravel the twisted tale of Joey Drew Studios.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 minutes ago
Aren't characters "dead" and "soulless", when their creators died?
How would a new Mario Bros game turn out, when Miyamoto is dead?

1 hour ago
The end of the Battle the girl that speaks is not Alice angel it’s Allison angel.

2 hours ago
No, Tom is not Boris.
No, Brute Boris is not Frankenboris.

2 hours ago

3 hours ago
What I get from this


4 hours ago
OK who did the captions for this video? Firstly, thank you. Secondly, my pleasure (16:45) and lastly thank you again

5 hours ago
7:12 thats what she said

6 hours ago

6 hours ago
👏👏 year review

11 hours ago
Nice intro mat pat

16 hours ago
MatPat: I know what you thinking those are enormous electrical outlets.
No on, absolutely no one was thinking that.

17 hours ago
Check recording 0414

17 hours ago
MatPat: FNaF is done!
Scotty. C: Hold my Exotic Butters,
MatPat: BatIM is done!
Mr. Meatly: Hold my Bacon Soup.

18 hours ago
After watching MatPat's newest Bendy theory, I came back here and I immediately noticed that the numbers 144 are more common than we thought. There are 1440 audio assets, huh? Interesting.

19 hours ago
Also the beginning is cool as frick

19 hours ago
Who else loves the remixed theme song

19 hours ago
That picture of Joey scared me

19 hours ago
"Oh my old desk, I've wasted so much time in that chair"
Sits down

19 hours ago
Why would you say that this is most likely correct if it uses things the game chose not to implement? Isn't this more like a "this was the plan before it was altered"?

19 hours ago
U is for you and me
N is for anywhere and anytime at all
Down here in the deep blue sea!

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