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Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 months ago


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AMD is undisputed among budget builders, but what is it that makes them such a great value? Time to find out!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 days ago
for a difference of 2% or less your better cost efficiency is going with Intel and not degenerating the life span of your rig with over clocking
If one component dies prematurely AMD's efficiency goes rite out the window

1 week ago
I cringed so hard when Anthony says Hightachi. Wtf.

2 weeks ago
Damn that 8400 doesnt even get you 3ghz 😆🤦‍♂️

2 weeks ago
Please for the sake of god, redo this video. R5 3600 and b450 with that bucks save to buy a better gpu would demolish intel

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Time to revisit this for Ryzen 3000 and older Ryzen at current prices.

2 weeks ago
I just got the budget Asus rog zephyrus (I can't remember the exact model) that Linus recommended. It's running like a champ, doing everything everything I need with ease using the ryzen 7 3750h(I think I got that right). I got 16gb of ram, which I needed, and a slightly better GPU than comparable machines for only $950. And if my Asus Ultrabook from 2012 that is still kicking ass means anything then i should be set for at least 5 years without hurting my limited budget too much.

2 weeks ago
"AMD is for poor people who can't afford Intel."
Well said. No need to watch further :>

2 weeks ago
Fuck yeah Anthony!

2 weeks ago
Now amd just crushes all Intel chipsets and with rtx super cards being priced reasonably it's a pretty good time.

2 weeks ago
you could've added a 240gb m.2 nvme drive to the intel rig

2 weeks ago
Do Ryzen 3600 when it comes out

2 weeks ago
Damn lots of moronic AMD broke bois in these comments

3 weeks ago
what Hp laptop is that lads? Envy?

3 weeks ago
AMD wins..

What a surprise

3 weeks ago
Alright well AMD makes gpu's as well so why didnt you do a full red build vs a green/blue build and then compare that with a blue/red build to a red/green build? That would be interesting...

3 weeks ago
Nice video guys
I'd like the Budget of around 1200$ to 1300$ to see in the future!

3 weeks ago
AMD 3rd gen killed whole of the Intel

3 weeks ago
The Queen is dead. Long live King Anthony

3 weeks ago
do one at ~$1300

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