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George W. Bush cries delivering eulogy for his father, George H.W. Bush (Full Eulogy)
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Former President George W. Bush tears up while eulogizing his father, George H.W. Bush, at a state funeral in Washington.
The 43rd president said his father, the 41st president, taught him how to lead.
"He showed me what it means to be a president who serves with integrity, leads with courage and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country," Bush said. "When the history books are written, they will say that George H.W. Bush was a great president of the United States."
Bush's eulogy ended on an emotional note. Concluding his remarks, he added through tears: "Your decency, sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. So through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. The best father a son or daughter could have."

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11 hours ago
Why isn't he stuttering and fucking up?

16 hours ago
But he didnt cry when he caused 9/11 ._.

17 hours ago
Back to the lobby default dance

18 hours ago
a dirty fucking Sunni mass murderer … racial disgusted president

18 hours ago
Fcukn neighbors...with theirs thoughts and voices that still feel as though they need to be heard.

24 hours ago
Make that 1001 reasons why I love and respect George W

1 day ago
Your father was a fucking murdering piece of shit

1 day ago
Boch non

1 day ago
Does anyone remember the whole cop-a-feel moment when senior groped a woman... or the fact that both father and son are international war criminals...

1 day ago
Big old lefty here. Trump makes me think Bush was a great POTUS.

1 day ago

1 day ago
George Herbert Walker Bush dies..... former US President... and the fucking media can't shut their mouth for one day ?
Talking about God damn Trump ? How absolutely disrespectful.

1 day ago
Who else got that letter

1 day ago
Yo we now who next he got that Needle

1 day ago
We know The military kill bush

2 days ago
That ending was sad😭

2 days ago
Rest in hell, senior. Son too.

2 days ago
George W Bush is about the only person in 21 years not to tell me to go pound sand. But that's exactly where many belong, in the sand, man!

2 days ago
He s gone to hell and u will too ass hole murderers

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