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We did WHAT to Linus’ car??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 days ago
You guys did WHAT??? I dont live close other wise I would have gone and brought more pizza!!! 😢😢😢😢

2 weeks ago
Ah, if I had lived in Canada I would've definitely been your fifth man! :O

2 weeks ago
I would be so pissed if i had to back out of my spot and those doofuses were there in the way rofl

2 weeks ago
"I dropped a nut"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - Linus 2018

3 weeks ago
Ι think Linus is just looking for an exsuse to get a new car

4 weeks ago
man, I'd love to be there

1 month ago
Nice chanclas Linus

1 month ago
I got lost going to this meetup so I drove home 😂

1 month ago
misses both throws

2 months ago

2 months ago
Love your shoes

2 months ago
1 like = 1 friend

2 months ago
Every now and then I remember Linus is Canadian "oh yeah there bud"

2 months ago
um hmm so rubber to help waterproof hood even though the engine would be fine with little water but the projector nothing just park it out in the rain all good. is it water proof?

2 months ago
thattt Genesis G70 looks sick!!!!!!! Leave the civic and get that @linustechtips! But don't drill that car 🙈

2 months ago
Organic AF

2 months ago
This reminds of when Red Green tried something similar.

2 months ago
Drills hole in car
“Poor drill...”

2 months ago
I would show up if I wasn't in the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.....

2 months ago
You know when I watch the first 1 minute, I anticipate that a piece of heavy plastic will hit the ground.

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