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The OLED Gaming TV from ALIENWARE!!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

12 hours ago
tv=DTV receiver integrated "gaming monitor"=no DTV receiver integrated

3 days ago
I gotta get one of these.

3 days ago
This guy in the background is highly annoying

4 days ago
Linus randomly tells Jeff Bezos to hold something

4 days ago
For those not understanding the burn in issue, the time until burn in is not just based on duration, it's also based on intensity. If you have a display in a bright environment, you'll have to push up the displays brightness too. When a display runs hot it'll burn in and burn out much faster.

4 days ago
I am so tired of these ignorant consumers/industry apologists repeating
the lie about burn in. Burn in for OLED was solved in 2013, since then
its been a myth to delay the release of OLED so they can continue to
profit off of inherently flawed and now totally obsolete LCD panels. My
oled screen is 6 years old now and ZERO burnin. Its a myth, if burn-in
happens its by design for planned obsolesce.

6 days ago
YOU are a phlim design!

6 days ago
alienware is still a scam

1 week ago
The Taskbar will burn in so fast..

1 week ago
Fuck Alienware.

1 week ago
On-screen elements will cause burn in. Oled is going to be a hard sell for gaming purposes.

1 week ago
No thanks

1 week ago
Got a notified clicked on the notification 600k views...

1 week ago
OLED gaming is the future

1 week ago
Is it HDR?

1 week ago

1 week ago
Dell/Alienware or Delay Lien ware.

1 week ago
1year later still waiting on nvidia bfg seems like their asleep at the wheel

1 week ago
Крутой мон!

1 week ago
I want all this tech so bad, but I'm a poor motherfucker so no.

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