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What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


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There's less than a year before Windows 7 security updates get cut off... What's an enthusiast to do!?

How to maximize your privacy on Windows 10:
How to delay Windows 10 updates:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

15 minutes ago
So basically fuck you update now? Neat..

36 minutes ago
Just get over it and go out with someone else.

42 minutes ago
i literally just got windows 10 from windows 7 lol today in 2019, im glad

55 minutes ago
Would Windows 7 still work in a VM?

1 hour ago
so what, we've 1 year to make linux be better for gaming.

1 hour ago
Please do that proton experience video, check dark souls 2 in it.

1 hour ago
Linux time !

1 hour ago
Windows 10 never asked me to install bubble witch 3, I downloaded it myself.

2 hours ago
OMG! I was in a train and it started smelling like weed and then Linus started smelling. I laughed my ass so damn hard!

2 hours ago
The whole point of holding onto Win 7 is that users dislike the fact of having NO control over what is installed on their machine, when it is installed and losing a lot of the admin rights that they've always had over the past years, when they transition to your glorious Windows 10.
It's frustrating to watch how many glaring issues and problems you happily ignore that exist with Win 10, which you personally have experienced as seen on many of your videos, yet you basically laugh into the faces of the sensible people, who use a fully functioning, artificialy discontinued system, which Microsoft has pretty much forced to stop any support for, both with HW, requiring certain CPUs and GPUs to have drivers only for Win 10 and also requiring that all new PCs can launch only with Windows 10.
And frankly, it's sad to see that people happily ignore their loss of control over THEIR OWN SYSTEM and let Microsoft do whatever the hell it wants with it. Why can't you turn off fully UAC, why does it sometimes pop up even on single admin account, asking you to Delete as admin, why can't you chose what updates you wish to install and WHEN, instead of giving the Windows a time period in which it shouldn't install updates, yet it ignores it and installs the update anyway. Why are people supposed to use the Windows 10's convoluted UI, which is simply slapped onto the functional and much simpler to navigate Win 7 UI (which yes, comes from Vista).
Windows 7 was strongly forced out of market by Microsoft, and instead of adressing this matter properly as large tech channel that you've become, you've just laughed at people who didn't yet upgrade to Win 10, either because their PC didn't recieve the forced update to Win 10 or because people actually enjoy stable and functional system, which doesn't fight with them over the power.

2 hours ago
ill throw out a like, purely for the LOTR reference...

2 hours ago
Win 7 going in January? NOOOOOOOOOOOO (cannot use XP anymore then on Win 7 Pro)......8.1 no, I got 10 on two other PC's and yeah the updates are unfriendly.. shame

2 hours ago
I am switching to Linux mint. Or some sort of OS that runs 8 bit and switch to a Mega 65 geos I guess if all devices get infected. :(

2 hours ago
I've been playing around with Windows 10 on a test laptop for the time when I eventually have to look at migrating. By putting the LTSC build onto it (no feature updates, Cortana, MS Store or any of that сrар), then using Open Shell (formerly Classic Shell) to replace the Start Menu, Blackbird or ShutUp10 to nobble the spyware, ONE (OldNewExplorer) to bin the ribbon from Windows Explorer, and Windows Update MiniTool to gain control over the updates, it was just about usable once I'd finished.
Of course, a pity that you need to diсk about so much to get Windows 10 into a usable state (and using an admittedly pirаtеd build due to MS not selling LTSC to ordinary fold), whereas Windows 7 manages all of the above out of the box, but hey-ho. I'll still be sticking with Windows 7 on my main machines for as long as I possibly can...

2 hours ago
I'll move away from Windows 7 only after browsers will stop supporting it, which will not happen in a few more years.

2 hours ago
I wasted hours today trying to figure out how to get a free OS for my new PC build. It turns out that you can download a free Windows 10 at the MS site. It's perfectly usable and updateable indefinitely, except it nags you for activation and makes it slightly inconvenient to change wallpaper.

2 hours ago
Well, one think, that Windows 10 misses so much is really but really horrible back compatibility (with older software and even hardware). This think was way better on Windows XP and 7. Example: AMD Radeon HD4850. There are simply NO drivers for Windows 10. And i could find many more graphics cards with same problem. I know, it´s old card and for today´s gaming way useless, but for watching films, browsing and basic work on PC is absolutely fine, but....
Simillar problem goes for older games. For example. The Worms 2 (yea, game from 1997 so even older than me) i played on Windows 7. But on Windows 10 with the absolutely same hardware it didn´t worked.

3 hours ago
we want tunnelbear!

3 hours ago
Never payed for a windows licence since windows 95...not going to start with win10. Its ad-sponsored anyway.

4 hours ago
My switchable graphics on my Dell Inspiron 15R 7520 doesn't work on windows 10, so no GTA V on the move :(

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