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Trump's "S---hole Countries" Remark | The View
   The View
  Published: 1 week ago


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19 minutes ago
Why don’t travel agencies offer vacations to Haiti?

2 hours ago
I think he meant to say "shithole tv show"

2 hours ago
Whoopsie isn't doing anything for the country.

2 hours ago
Nearly half of the US pop. are racist.

2 hours ago
Looking is bad enough. ..... hearing? - - - -!

3 hours ago
They want Obama to be the blame, but he’s not

4 hours ago
the view is a race baiting , people dividing show. these women " not ladies " spew hatred all days . stip watching this shows .

4 hours ago
Trump is a fucking dodger

7 hours ago
How many of you plan on vacationing in Haiti this year?

7 hours ago
Wendy looks like she's about to faint ....🤣

7 hours ago
This show is s many clowns.

8 hours ago
Let's be honest, all the countries on the list are all actually shitholes. Just get over yourselves for god sake... Norway was about to close their borders by force to stop EU imposed refugees from shitholes like those... Swedish police are installing audio microphones throughout the cities to alert them to screaming women that are being raped by immigrants from North Africa... They're bombing our women and children on the streets, what is wrong with these lose women? Delusional Libtards

11 hours ago
Donald trump is a bum if you have a president who doesn't serve his country in the military because his foot hurts
And then ridicules senator Mmcain who serves his country. ..that makes you a bum
When you attack the Muslim parents whose son died serving his country ...
the united States of America that makes you a bum
You need to look into your heart America. ..does this man really represent your country?

11 hours ago
first time Joy B makes real sense

11 hours ago

12 hours ago
Someone needs to tell these fegs that brown people live in Norway too
And its not all greatness in a system where you don't get to be rich.

12 hours ago
I came here for the Wendy Williams comments 😂

14 hours ago
Her husband AND father in law does stuff for Haiti??? REALLY?  She isn't offended.  She needs to look up the word racist.  Typical liberal calling everyone a racist when they don't even know the definition.

15 hours ago
Wendy is probably the most conservative and she is wild! The other broads are straight up liberal cooks! Megan is so gross! And so is her father!

17 hours ago
I think it's really sad all Haitians come here to do is work hard and have an opportunity to take care of there family and send money back home to there relatives they appreciate America as there home and love this country with all there hearts but for the president to disrespect them like that. that wasent call for unacceptable for a president

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