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OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!
   Marques Brownlee
  Published: 6 days ago


OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

13 minutes ago
Can you make a OnePlus 7 vs OnePlus 7 Pro when its here? 😄

25 minutes ago
I love how he never speaks of that big ass offset chin at the bottom, only iPhone is bezel-less...


32 minutes ago
I'd buy it with a flat screen

41 minutes ago
What widgets are you using ?

52 minutes ago
It makes me sad that this phone has more ram than my PC...

1 hour ago
0:21 there is a oneplus 7 though...

1 hour ago
I want to get the new OnePlus 7 pro, but I’m worried about the OLED screen getting burn in. How bad is most phone burn in for OLED screens?

2 hours ago
6:50 using dark theme extended my battery life almost twice..💡😉

3 hours ago
Iphone X's had a 120 Hz refresh rate

4 hours ago
Hey Marques would really appreciate if you could do the full review of Asus Zenfone 6. It has the most innovative camera till date (flip camera) and would really like to know your thoughts on it

4 hours ago
I am considering P30 Pro and OPO 7 Pro but after watching both your videos I have to remove the P30 Pro option, too many quirks , a big one to me is powering the phone off and the pinch zoom Hi Touch issue, camera is killer but I think the OPO 7 Pro leads for me right now

4 hours ago

4 hours ago
A great telephone until it's banned from the USA next week, of course

5 hours ago
Why don't you include subtitles in your videos? If I did, we could follow you too, because we don't know English.
P.Š. to write this to you I had to use a translator.

5 hours ago
Please make a complete camera review

6 hours ago
Where is Zenfone 6?

6 hours ago
Hi guys!!
Im seeing some concentric lines on the background on my s10 in 1440p is my display faulty? , it is happening on all white screens on youtube. And when i pause the video the lines become darker

6 hours ago
12 Gigs of... HOLY FUKK I CAME!!!

7 hours ago
With what happend to Huawei, is it possible it can happen to other chineses phone mkers? possibly one plus??

7 hours ago
I think if companies are gonna remove the headphone jack they should move the charging port to the right or left (bottom). It's uncomfortable to hold when something is plugged in the middle

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