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VENOM Set Photos Reveal New Suit
   Hybrid Network
  Published: 1 month ago


We have a first look at a part of one potential Venom outfit from the upcoming solo movie starring Tom Hardy!

Courtesy of @tomhardydotorg:

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7 hours ago
Is it me or would this make more sense if the is was the version of where brock and peter Parker are try to create a cure for cancer and mistakenly creates venom that brock thought would cure his cancer?

4 days ago
I agree with below, uh hello. That is a yolk sack used in film work to lift one up down and all around for instance The Matrix and or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I like updates but logical outlooks too.

5 days ago
It's gonna be good cuz it's Tom hardy

5 days ago
Plot twist: Symbiote is a metaphor for Eddie Brock transitioning into a black woman. Diversity.

6 days ago
Image looks like a stunt harness more than set costume...

6 days ago
My guess is that they force Brock into going in to a secret facility that was taken over by Carnage... So they give him some tactical gear to get into the facility. Maybe a harness to drop him in.

7 days ago
That's a wire harness not a costume

1 week ago
Maybe he'll be a war reporter.

1 week ago
Just watch my comic haul videos - everything will be explained in due time grasshoppers

1 week ago
Dude. Thats not the costume

2 weeks ago
8 foot venom instead

2 weeks ago
Please no agent venom I want this to be primitive and R rated I want him to be a psychopath NO AGENT VENOM WE’RE NOT READY

2 weeks ago
this movie seems disastrous already

2 weeks ago
In the beginning he said tactical. Agent venom?

2 weeks ago
Well since tom hardy is venom. I've got 0 complaints

2 weeks ago
I wish to christ we could get an Agent Venom spinoff

2 weeks ago
I rather see Scott Eastwood or some other blonde actor as Flash Thompson/Agent Venom.

2 weeks ago
Thought it was a straight jacket

3 weeks ago
It’s probably just a harness and not a tactical outfit

3 weeks ago
I think both versions of Venom are compelling. I would hate to see them combine the Flash and Eddie characters into one, as that would eliminate, or at least complicate bringing Flash in later.

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