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VENOM Set Photos Reveal New Suit
   HN Entertainment
  Published: 1 year ago


We have a first look at a part of one potential Venom outfit from the upcoming solo movie starring Tom Hardy!

Courtesy of @tomhardydotorg:

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3 months ago

7 months ago
I would love to see Agent Venom in infinity war pt 2.. Fighting together with the Avengers to defeat Thanos..

8 months ago
Agent venom

9 months ago
I have no problem with this casting. Tom Hardy is great for this part, the build, and the look for brock...but i have only one problem with this....the age

9 months ago
they should have put venom in infinity war

9 months ago
I absolutely LOVE both incarnations of Venom. Although for an introduction movie is has to be the original. It wouldn't make sense to throw Agent Venom at the audience right out the gate. After all one of the biggest "drawbacks" of Flash being bonded to the symbiote is that its primal nature is always trying to take control. The best way to have them both would be to have this first movie as the classic and then maybe the military/government/corporation etc etc find a way to leash Venom and then you have that internal struggle between Brock and the symbiote, but that's just my opinion...

10 months ago
I think The suit is going to be like in spider man 3 i hope

10 months ago
yes john that's what I was going to say

10 months ago
original symbiote venom all day🕷

10 months ago
Maybe, just maybe, they might change the story a bit .

10 months ago
Bro what if it’s just Tom hardy talking and not turning into venom and they introduce him in venom 2

10 months ago
hardy for punisher reboot!

10 months ago
I don't want them to copy the Punisher serie, but is he a part of the MCU? Venom?

10 months ago
What no one wants to ask is how can you explain away the classic Venom look when the symbiote has had NO CONTACT with Spider-Man!!! You can't. This WILL be a version of Agent Venom. Using Eddie Brock is a misdirection. This is why Sony is keeping the suit on lockdown. Yall fanboys will lose your shit if you don't get that classic 90's look.

10 months ago
They better not fuck up this movie man damn.

11 months ago
Is it me or would this make more sense if the is was the version of where brock and peter Parker are try to create a cure for cancer and mistakenly creates venom that brock thought would cure his cancer?

11 months ago
I agree with below, uh hello. That is a yolk sack used in film work to lift one up down and all around for instance The Matrix and or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I like updates but logical outlooks too.

11 months ago
It's gonna be good cuz it's Tom hardy

11 months ago
Plot twist: Symbiote is a metaphor for Eddie Brock transitioning into a black woman. Diversity.

11 months ago
Image looks like a stunt harness more than set costume...

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