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We're Building a Gaming LAN Center!!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Thank you to Intel for sponsoring this video. #IntelGamerDays is running from September 1-16, offering PC gamers amazing discounts on great gear and opportunities to win cool prizes and experiences every day. Check it all out HERE:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 hours ago
watched this video after the disaster verge's video, thanks linus

6 hours ago
How about Double tiering the gaming rigs, a group below and a group up top, increased space and possibility for more space per person

12 hours ago
Oh Joy! i have endured watching cringy "how to" pc build videos with shoddy and atrocious cable management, mishandling of parts and misinformation and then I found this treasure.

12 hours ago
144hz @ 1080p !!

14 hours ago
gamers should face each other so they can see the faces of the enemies they stomp lol

17 hours ago
How expensive would that be?
I would love to own just one of those PCs!

17 hours ago
I have seen this crazy idea you guys should go for. Just for lol's.

18 hours ago
Console gaming? Well I never! Cancel that sponsorship, Intel 😄

20 hours ago
Do 1080p 144 hz

20 hours ago
Who said money cant buy friends XD

22 hours ago
If you're gonna that hardcore with the gaming and all, you have to have a nice twitch setup so we can watch you all live!!

24 hours ago
You should do the water cooled room again for this

1 day ago
I know a great tutorial on a $2000 build using that case.

1 day ago
Dude. That's not how you build a PC! You should watch The Verge how-to video!

1 day ago
Didn't know you did crypto mining...

2 days ago
20 gamer,one water cooling system

2 days ago
as for the peripherals , I recommend Stealseries Arctis 5 headset (It's 90 backs new, and around 70 refurbished, it features decent mic, good sound quality, and good overall build quality. G series Logitech mouse, , wired G4 series, it is the best hit for the back, and Razer blackwidow tournament edition essential mechanical keyboard. Sot thats like 150 backsin peripherals (refurbished ), and nearly top off the line gear. You'll get great compact keyboard, great headphones featuring decent mic, so it's not gonna be a shame to use that mic to stream, + good mouse.

2 days ago
Love your videos, I’ve learned a lot and there so fun and cool to see all the different ideas and fun challenges you do. Keep up the good work Linus.👍

2 days ago
You should put a minibar instead of just a countertop. That gives lots of room to put snacks and drinks that can be quickly grabbed while you wait to respawn without worrying about food and drink near the systems. It also opens up the possibility of doing all nighters or other such activities, whether it be for fun or for charity.

2 days ago
Personally, if you're not loading the entire game library onto each machine ahead of time, I would think 10Gb to each computer would be nice. Waiting for a half hour or more for everyone to download a huge game is a pain and 'might' serve as a deterrent for people. Maybe have some lights that aren't like super bright or super dim as well. I know personally I'm most comfortable in a dark/low light environment while gaming because glare is a pain and makes my eyes strain and hurt trying to see the screen.

As for peripherals, I definitely suggest a headset (in case you decide to play online with others as well), mechanical keyboards, mmo mice (extra buttons are nice to have and they're versatile. I have to use a Naga left-hand because I mouse with left), and maybe a 28-32 inch monitor that can support the max sensible refresh rate that you're likely to see. Maybe even throw in a foot rest of some kind. When I'm gaming I love to put my feet up, get comfortable, and relax.

On another note entirely, if you need people to come play with you I wouldn't mind, but I can't afford the trip to Canada, nor do I currently have nor can afford a passport to fly there.

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