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Dunkey's Best of 2017
  Published: 1 week ago


My favorite games of 2017 (and 2016).

Expand for the full list.
10. Shovel Knight : Specter of Torment 0:51
9. Furi 1:17
8. Superhot 1:53
7. Dark Souls III 2:30
6. Hollow Knight 4:29
5. Doom 4:45
4. Cuphead 5:30
3. Sonic Mania 6:06
2. Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild 6:47
1. Super Mario Odyssey 7:43

Thumbnail art by Michael J Larson
Cupsouls by 64 bits
Gameplay by MKIceandFire
and Gameplay by RajmanGamingHD
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Comments Directly on YouTube

20 minutes ago
Horizon is by far the best 2017 game, period!

3 hours ago
Yo I remember super Mario world, that game was so goddamh fun

3 hours ago
dunkey plz play the monster hunter beta and give us a review I would very much appreciate it :)

3 hours ago
What was the furi song he played?

5 hours ago
I beat Ludex on the second try Dunky, and it was my first time ever playing a Dark Souls game.

Get Gud.

5 hours ago
Super Mario World is a Big Boy, 2D Mario perfected.

6 hours ago
I personally think fornite or pubg would be number 1.

But they dont come even close to SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 2

7 hours ago
Youre basicallly john wick... sheeit neegro, thats all you had to say.

7 hours ago
"Uh, PUBG is a game that was released." - Dunkey

8 hours ago
I memberrr

9 hours ago
Thought it was gonna be Knack.

9 hours ago

9 hours ago
i love you man, you're so funny

10 hours ago
Weapons bounce of walls in Dark Souls 3 as well you dingus

10 hours ago
Slick editing and perfect critique. I bought Furi instantly after hearing that music and your description. Got me so pumped.
Good choice and listings.

11 hours ago
Song at the very start?

11 hours ago
so no game with a story or where there was any reading involved made the list.

12 hours ago
Remember psycho mantis

13 hours ago
Remember Snake Fortress? Remember Blighttown? Remember Snake Fortress?!

13 hours ago
Nice video

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