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Touchbar Killer for Windows?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


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Could Windows finally have something to beat Mac's touchbar? Sort of...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

16 hours ago
$1,000,000.00 RERWARD! @

(one million dollars)

17 hours ago
Can you make a video on the gaming laptop acer aspire 5 $600

17 hours ago
Not even a mention of battery life? Try harder.

17 hours ago
Well I really expected for a new ROG that comes with RX Vega 56 and Ryzen 7 2700

20 hours ago
but can it fortnite

1 day ago
I thought of that years ago. It seemed logical with all the various kinds of touch controls that have been developed for phones and tablets.

1 day ago
Programmable macro keys with pictures could be pretty fun for games :D

1 day ago
But!!! The question is can it run crysis

2 days ago
I blame Apple for the irritating trend of thinking up stupid shit gimmicks to shift more of their otherwise unremarkable hardware thats virtually no different to the previous model.

[Oh and give over with the off-piste product promotions. Doesn't make me want to come back]

2 days ago
Original razer blade pro with razer switchblade interface.

2 days ago
You have the mega gay now Linus

2 days ago
Gimmick-detector in 3..2..1.. @0:52

2 days ago
i would like brush buddy's akon singing toothbrush.

2 days ago
Asus don't provide driver updates with windows upgrade;
i bought asus r558ur-dm069d in 2016 but touchpad is not great as its sometimes lags and having some bugs. The last update was released 1 year before i got this laptop btw XD

3 days ago
ZenBooks have always been gimmicky

3 days ago
take everything away from the laptop and have two screens where you can use either screen as keyboard and mouse and be able to open the laptop so its flat and use the hole thing as a monitor

3 days ago
Try again Jesus!

3 days ago
Did you remove the protective film from the webcam??

3 days ago
This was the first LTT video in a LONG time that made me laugh. Top notch humour right there.

3 days ago
Its innovative and in its early stage so i dont think its not worthy of criticism yet.

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