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Touchbar Killer for Windows?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


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Could Windows finally have something to beat Mac's touchbar? Sort of...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
I had a ZenFone 3 Laser... Worked up until the USB port caved in on itself and the volume down stopped working

4 days ago
Wow you took justin bieber in you mouth,you dirty girl lol

2 weeks ago
When I got my 2016 MBP from my employer, my first thought was 'Why not use the huge touchpad as a touchscreen rather than the stupid touchstrip at the top'. Aside from the price that it would cost to produce it and put it in an Apple product, it seems like it would be a good idea given that you'd basically have a mini iPad that's much closer to where your hands actually spend most of their time, and you'd also have both X and Y axis and the ability to have a custom interface per program (I'm thinking how awesome it would be to have a nice little touchspace box for music creation, editing, etc.). But fuck, what do I know.

2 weeks ago
ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX580GE or Dell XPS 15? Which one is best?

2 weeks ago
you cant kill something that is already dead.

2 weeks ago
omg that webcam :O

3 weeks ago
👍👍Double thumbs up 👍👍Excellent presentation 👍👍Explanation very short, sharp & straight to the point 👍👍 Best video clip 👍👍A BIG thank you for all info & tips given 👍👍I salute to you 👍👍🐷

3 weeks ago
Stupid idea

3 weeks ago
Since when is using keyboard shortcuts like "ctrl+s" something only "power users" do? I've used those shortcuts since I was 13 and I've never considered myself a power user.

3 weeks ago
It's amazing how things have slowed down lately. I bought a laptop with 500gb hard drive in May 2010, and the laptops sold today still have the same storage capacity, only the speed changed, but the capacity is exactly the same. I remember the days when in just one year the capacity of everything in a PC used to double.

4 weeks ago
fertility - 5 !! xD

4 weeks ago
how could you kill something dead?

4 weeks ago
I still prefer using mouse on a laptop lol............ touchpad is great for travelling, like when you sing your laptop on your lap during group discussion or maybe viewing of some emails, but I still prefer a mouse for content creation , gaming, and even using microsoft office apps, even on MacBooks (in which need t purchase a bluetooth version)

4 weeks ago
I've always wondered (since summer 2018 when I got my Surface Book 2, and since I have heard of the Apple Macintosh Touchbar) if track pads would be touchscreens in the future, so one can switch between programs quickly, and change screen brightness. Coincidentally, this video was released in summer 2018 and the Zenbook has a touchscreen trackpad. 2018 is such a futuristic year, but it's a shame that our society releases overpriced technologies, (I'm talking to you, Apple & Microsoft), has disparity and wars, or "musical" toothbrushes.

4 weeks ago
where can i purchase one

4 weeks ago

-5 Fertility LOL

1 month ago
First time Linus actually reviewed the laptop for what it is. He usually just craps on Apple and ignores the faults on the rest of the makes.

1 month ago
J. B tooth brush 😂 😂 😂

1 month ago
I decided to wait for this laptop when it was announced. I wanted the Core I9 with Screen Pad. It took way too long to release so I went with highest Spec Option Thinkpad X1 Carbon with LTE. I have no regrets.

1 month ago
A Seuss?

Aaaahh! 🤪💡 Ah-SUS!!
Is that the official pronunciation?? You got me really confused there.

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