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Touchbar Killer for Windows?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Could Windows finally have something to beat Mac's touchbar? Sort of...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
The touchpad is only useful for the best hunt-and-peckers in my opinion. I'd much rather use the terminal than the GUI.

2 days ago
Are touchpad and monitor-display both touch in 1080p version?

2 weeks ago
It's fine, my old Asus A550CC heats up to 80C

2 weeks ago
You're going to look back on this in the future and regret calling that toothbrush 'fun'.

3 weeks ago
Kind of wish they'd take a look at the non pro version. The zenbook 14 ux433. The num pad there is even more gimicky but I really like how compact it is while maintaining an i7. Basically another option to the macbook air.

3 weeks ago
Is the ScreenPad running with it's own processor? Or does it share resources with the main processor.

3 weeks ago
Would you say the (I believe upcoming) ZenBook Pro with the i7 8750H is a better buy than the i9? Will you be testing it as well as a comparison?

3 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
why would you want a touchpad at all when you have a touch monitor?

4 weeks ago
Should've said stovetop...

4 weeks ago
i blame apple because apple didnt make the touchpad monitor so we can copy and blame them if it sucks

4 weeks ago
This is a 15"laptop. Why the fuck does it not have a tenkey?

1 month ago
I hate when they add something new and then don't let look at all the corners for mishaps. Listening to music through spotify and browsing the web ... why would they look over simple things like this which brings the value of the laptop waay down.

1 month ago
This idea is even worse than Mac's touch bar

1 month ago
4 min adds , 2 min opening-ending , 3 min talks about the device !

1 month ago
:-/ Lame comments, lame presentor

1 month ago
They probably got inspired by the Razer Project Linda.

1 month ago
Асус он класс ❤❤❤

1 month ago
HA my aunt bought me one jb tooth brush on Christmas

1 month ago
Could you please review the MSI PS42 laptop ?

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