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  Published: 1 week ago


Roblox - I am back with Bloxburg Family in Roblox! Today Awhile go I told my kids I was pregnant as a prank. Well this time I actually adopted a new baby! Now, its time for the kids to meet the new baby..lets hope they get along!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
Maybe adopting TWO more kids wasnt a good idea...
● Check out Baby Biggs' Channel ►

20 minutes ago
I like it when there was only Ellie , you and baby biggz

2 hours ago
Hey Zai I'm a big fan and watch out for Builder man he is following Boxy craft and thenewstaker123 be be safe!your the best I love you,also how is life in England???????

5 hours ago
I be your kid

10 hours ago
I think you should just keep Ellie since she’s the only good kid, and your life won’t be so hard any more

11 hours ago
Pour zai

19 hours ago
Lol my mum has 6 kids

22 hours ago

23 hours ago
I will gladly adopt baby Biggs and Ellie!!

1 day ago
Its was funny when biggs said mooooooooooooooooooooooom im hungry

1 day ago
😨 I think they might kill you so watch out. by the way I'm mad too

1 day ago
Ricky is the picky one

1 day ago
girlllll Ellie a angle the rest are brats

1 day ago
I luv u zai but I ain’t gonna watch u anymore cuz the new kids so sry

1 day ago
Take them back I’m sorry but they stressed me out too and I don’t like it

1 day ago
Who plays ellie?

1 day ago
OMG what did they do there in biggggg trubbel cuz If i was you have more roblox accounts so you can beak in then get admin and make them shreak for 1 year 🤣🤣 giving you advice

2 days ago
My I am a good kid my mom told me to be nice and responsible

2 days ago
I’m a number 1 fan can I have a shoutout?

2 days ago
THERE TOTAL BRATS return them back now!

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