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Is USB Type-C ACTUALLY Stronger?? Durability Test
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 8 months ago


Linus HATES USB-Micro B because he claims they break too easily. So in this video, we find out whether the new USB Type C connector is any better...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

14 minutes ago
How different is micro B 1.0 - 2.0 different to 3.0?

12 hours ago
I love insertion

20 hours ago
6:31 that voice crack tho

21 hours ago
God bless James

1 day ago
Samsung s6 edge + got broken connector in 1 year than i bought wirelles charger so I could charge my 6 months wirelles charger got broken yea micro usb is shit

1 day ago
Supposed to for it three times for it to be a fair test - get back at boys

2 days ago
Still waiting for the air flow vid

2 days ago
There's two type of women.

2 days ago
USB Type-C is rather expensive cable.

2 days ago
Renewed respecc for LNN, that testing SMDH

2 days ago
Type c rule 34

2 days ago
Damn, it's better than pornhub

3 days ago
I had that USB - Micro B cable with my samsung note 3 and that cord didnt last a month.

3 days ago
I was thinking of sooo many sex jokes through out the video

4 days ago
5:46 Top 10 ways to get a better job lmao

4 days ago
So many man hours dedicated for a Yes or No answer.

4 days ago
So many sex terms omg

4 days ago
At this point Micro B, especially on a phone, is a deal breaker for me. USB C with Qi wireless charging are must haves now.

4 days ago
soooo why do iPhone charges break so often? (I never owned a iphone but I hear their chargers break a LOT!)

4 days ago
ting is a mobile carrier that is focused on customer satisfaction

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