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CRAZY- Emraan Hashmi Describes PERFECT KISS in 3 Words | Rapid Fire | One Night Stands
  Published: 3 weeks ago


Emraan Hashmi in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama’s Faridoon Shahryar plays an entertaining rapid fire where he answers some funny questions about #ShahRukhKhan, #AliaBhatt #NarendraModi etc

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
girl is definately interrupting but she how could she keep mum sitting in an interview....its wrong to get her sit there and not involving in the talk.

2 days ago
Lady Shut your mouth .. let him speak ..

2 days ago
Irritating girl, no manners how to talk and how to be presentable in front of large audience. She should do small roles. Fcking annoying.

4 days ago
Disappointed because of this girl. Or else it would have been fantastic.

4 days ago
in my opinion emmee bhai will be most suitable actor from bollywood for hollywood movie iron man...

5 days ago
Plz some just ask dat gal to stop irritating as nobody z interested in talking to her

5 days ago
The girl is annoying...Fake attention getter

5 days ago
Emraaaan my life time crush

7 days ago
The Host is getting very annoyed from this women you can tell he is like “Why this Womean can’t shut up 🤣

1 week ago
she so annoying yaar stop to intrupt I want listen only imran

1 week ago
The girl is over excited or oversmart !!!!🤔
by the way, she is damn irritating for interrupting others in between conversation.

1 week ago
emraan u r my fev

1 week ago
Hi i m your very big fen my name is furkhan ali i m copy jo emraan hashmi wear shirts jeans jackits shoes hairs style all i m copy and wear my face cut is emraan hashmi thats why freinds say to me juniear hashmi plz me aapku milna chatahu look my pics

1 week ago
Love you brother

1 week ago
Why does Emraan look so desperate for Hollywood in every interview?
There's no Mahesh Bhatt in Hollywood!

1 week ago
Most under rated actor.. Many actor should learn from him.. Specially big nmes

2 weeks ago
She feels ignored, poor girl 👧kabab mai hedi. She is never going to make it in Bollywood. She is incompetent.

2 weeks ago
What movie he says in the last
One is arrival
One is sicario
And the last one?

2 weeks ago
Wow..! such a freaky man!!

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