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The GAMING Hot Tub!!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

55 minutes ago
I GOT AN IDEA FOR YOU LINUS! 4D-Hot-Tub-Gaming . Hook the force feedback to a controller for the water-Turbines.

3 hours ago
I hope that wood doesn't mold and rot after a few rains, might have been worth while to put some protecting coating (like a clear or something).

3 hours ago
M to F ratio needs work.

4 hours ago
Summary:Crazy Canadians

5 hours ago
No jk i love the Videos with Dennis its so funny :D

6 hours ago
I think you guy's need a carpenter in your crew. Hey, this guy right here used to be a carpenter, now building pc's, after getting home from truck driving.

11 hours ago
Shonduras also made gaming hot tub

17 hours ago
Can they just fire Dennis... He's like that one friend that is low-key annoying as hell. I don't know how this "team" gets anything done around the shop.

18 hours ago
For real though, what does Dennis actually do usually?

21 hours ago
And about the rain......

21 hours ago
Imagine gaming for hours sitting in the tub and then coming out with wrinkled body

1 day ago
Yo where can I cop one of those hats?

1 day ago
Pretty legit I say. What other nutty things will they come up with next?
64k, Runway RGB lights, Gaming Hot tub, Nitrogen cooled, Quantum computer! go

1 day ago
man i love Denis, what a goofball XD

2 days ago

2 days ago
Dislike, they treated dennis like they treat me on the organic chem lab.

2 days ago
the Santa in the background cracked me up

2 days ago
closest will get to a channel super fun video ...

2 days ago
Ha, you guys are sooooo bad at practicle construction jobs. good effort though, great idea !LIKE!

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