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The GAMING Hot Tub!!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
I like how their hats say Linus in Korean

11 hours ago
Weirdos and hot tub tips :P

6 days ago
What happens when it rains

2 weeks ago
dennis number 1!

2 weeks ago
What about rain man

2 weeks ago
How Denise looked in the box and just doesn’t talk for some weird reason he reminds me of a cat,,, lol idk

2 weeks ago
This is fun watching a bunch of virgins try to use power tools

3 weeks ago
Dennis is like a cat, he loves boxes and love get in those xD

3 weeks ago
HOLY CRAP! You guys need a Geek who is also skilled in Carpentry and is knowledgeable in all things porn...

4 weeks ago
A little late but.... what happens to the set up when it rains. Wouldnt it fry?

4 weeks ago
Looks like it is damn cold there. Everyone with the hands in their pockets.

4 weeks ago
4 dudes in a hot tube yea that’s not gay

4 weeks ago
any problems with condensation yet?

4 weeks ago
So what happens when it rains? It would be cool if you could just leave it there......

1 month ago
They took or Jobs! Wait...

1 month ago
Now they just need to figure out how to install some women in that hot tub..

1 month ago
Waterproof mice and keyboard for underwater play

1 month ago
Heeyy been a while since we've seen dennis! Always great to see him appear in a vid

1 month ago
hey linus my dad has the same hand electric saw, guess we got it at the same place

1 month ago
Some things I feel like I have to say:
1. Poor Dennis! I feel bad for him.
2. This hurts me inside. I don't construct things with wood that often, but *GOD*, you guys make it seem so hard when it's really not at all.
3. I want one of those TVs even more now xdd

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