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The GAMING Hot Tub!!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 days ago
as Linus drops the remote in the hot tub wakes up at NCIX

5 days ago
where are the corsair light strips

6 days ago
Oh my tear it all down and use the correct lumber for outdoor use. That wood is never going to hold up in the climate there. Ac2 green treated or the treated cedar tone boards would work better. Maybe marine grade plywood but it's not necessary

7 days ago

1 month ago
there's a saying in the uk "More money than sense!" even if they inherited the national debt this would still apply. And yet i want one dam it.

1 month ago
Their not five feet apart!!

1 month ago
Dennis is really good at not being good at anything.


2 months ago
Why do employees have their name written in Korean?

2 months ago
Four men playing with their tools, grabbing wood and jumping into a hot tub in underwear with sticks of joy in their hands to have fun with each other.

Linus is a clever business man well aware of his audience.

2 months ago

2 months ago
I'd recommend you guys consider using some safety gear when you're doing work like this. It only takes a small wooden or metal shard going into your eye to cause unilateral blindness.

2 months ago
how do they not get water on the screen when it rains

3 months ago
I can tell yall dont get no pu***

3 months ago
2:11 welcome to the lumber yard bitches

3 months ago
Dang.... I ended up set one up...

3 months ago
Weirdos and hot tub tips :P

3 months ago
What happens when it rains

3 months ago
dennis number 1!

3 months ago
What about rain man

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