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Sous Vide | Basics with Babish
   Binging with Babish
  Published: 5 months ago


This week on Basics I’m teaching you how to Sous Vide. Sous Vide has become a home kitchen essential over the past few years providing restaurant quality results at an affordable price point. It can help make the perfect steak medium rare, the perfect tender pork chop or even safe to eat cookie dough.

NOTE: Raw flour can still contain pathogens - pasteurize your flour by baking separately for 10 minutes at 350F!

Ingredients & Grocery List:
Peeled Ginger
Green onion
Soy Sauce
Fish Sauce
Plain white sugar
Pork Belly
Porterhouse steak
Olive oil
Bacon fat

Special Equipment:
Sous Vide
Butcher Twine
Vacuum Sealer
Vacuum Sealer Bags

Watch the livestream rebroadcast here:

"Apples and Butterflies" by Blue Wednesday'

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Theme song: "Stay Tuned" by Wuh Oh

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
I just got a sous-vide for Christmas and there's no basics in this at all

10 hours ago
Why am I watching this video at 0:50am.... damn I'm so hungry now...

23 hours ago
You mean tonkotsu, not tonkatsu. Tonkotsu is pork bone (soup in this case), whereas tonkatsu is fried pork cutlet.

3 days ago
You can eat raw eggs in Sweden!

4 days ago
ha ha ha it looks like a dick

7 days ago
I'm so poor 😴 looks so good 🤤

1 week ago
Cant you eat raw eggs in america?

1 week ago
You didn't even dry the surface of the meat before searing. which is why your crust wasn't very good. Always pat down the surface of the meat and allow it to air dry for a few min before searing otherwise you will steam the surface and end up with grey spots.

1 week ago
1:14 smacc

1 week ago
There is a blood dripping out of the steak

2 weeks ago
Can we get you and Brad on another video? Thanks.

2 weeks ago
Oh dear llamas I would eat that steak so quick 😋😋 slightly drooling bahaha I love my steak medium rare if it goes past medium rare i cant eat it haha

2 weeks ago
Why don't babish's videos have ads?

2 weeks ago
I miss the old intro :”)

2 weeks ago
It's RAW

2 weeks ago
This is also called steak Florentine right?

2 weeks ago
"Big Ol' Fuck-Off Steak" got my like.

2 weeks ago
since when is there not a safe to eat cookie dough? silly youtuber. lol

2 weeks ago
Salt is the only thing that will benefit the steak, especially for just a short 2hr cook. There are a myriad of problems that arise when you get too fancy in the bag and none of it makes your meat taste better.

3 weeks ago
1:14 : This comment is in memory of the suffering headphone users after enduring the wrath of Andrew slamming down a '' big ol' piece of pork belly''

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