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Is Microsoft… the Good Guy? - Xbox Adaptive Controller
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


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The Xbox Adaptive Controller is an accessibility-focused interface that lets people of all ability levels enjoy gaming on the Xbox One.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
who else burst out laughing watching this video

5 hours ago
Lmao u gotta segway into your adds better I was like wait is the controller a computer

5 hours ago
What I REALLY want to know if this can actually give a competitive advantage if you're not disabled, if you use it in conjunction with your normal controller.

5 hours ago
5:42 well my steam librarys real

6 hours ago
Too many ex's ... U have an issue there

10 hours ago
If you trying to find out the extra buttons for the USB add on, you click on the lab beaker icon in the controller option menu and it will let you test the controller out and tell you what button is being pressed.

12 hours ago
3:55 7 evil exs anyone? Just me? Ok.

12 hours ago
That is genuinely heartwarming. Really sticking with that Gates Moral.

23 hours ago
This controller would be great for platformer games..

1 day ago
Ms just wanted to make something for the archive...

1 day ago
the adaptive controller is sweet, the industry making the buttons is so fucking predatory though i was looking online and a single button for this controller is like $50 i know thats not Microsoft's fault obviously they don't have a say in what other companies price their products at i was just blown away i can't believe a company would do that its fucked.

1 day ago
Yes, There is such a thing as "Normal" human body.
That's why this controller exists: Because sometimes "not normal" happens.

1 day ago
I will teach you how to do it properly: Add support for thrid party controllers on Xbox...

Then the person just buy the USB or wireless Controller best fit... It's just software.

1 day ago
that look really useful

2 days ago
This kind of "virtue signaling" I can get behind, good on them. It doesn't matter if they did it for the PR or not when it hurts no one while helping the disadvantaged.

2 days ago
This video more than confirms the following:

USB-A will never plug in right the first time.

2 days ago
lol my brain heard 420millimeter radiators xD

2 days ago
Coulda put a portal in that black space to simulate linus pulling things out of nowhere

2 days ago
and this is how you make a keyboard and mouse work on a Xbox One ^^

2 days ago
What happens if you plug an xbox controller to the adaptive controller? :mind blown:

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