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3 Reasons NOT to Buy a $400 Laptop
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 months ago


What do you give up when you spend $200 on a laptop instead of $800?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

8 hours ago
Not bad review,but why you act like and idiot on crystal met?
I know that most of your viewers are retarded kids,but it is a must that you behave like normal human being and not like an idiot or worst ,like an youtuber!

19 hours ago
Good thing I didn't buy the $400 laptop. I was seriously considering it, but instead, got something else.

1 day ago
I got the 400 dollar laptop for Christmas and the line of computer is plagued with a crap hard drive and heat dissipation

1 day ago
Now try the Chuwi Hi10 Plus ( ). As always on GearBest, everything is always on sale, and you need an eye on it. I got mine with a keyboard ("Surface Style") for ~160EUR. (Note: you get offers with and without the keyboard, be very careful.)

Is it good? I'd say it's as good as the Blue Dell you reviewed: great for the price. The CPU are comparable ([]=2762&cmp[]=2774 ), but I admit the N3060 wins on single thread. The Chuwi has more RAM, and larger eMMC (albeit, ~10GB used by Android, which you can remove) and a fully activated, legal, Windows 10 (Yeah, I'm surprised too!)

Downsides are mostly:
- crappy foldable keyboard (if you get it), which is decent enough for occasional typing, but really nothing more.
- Chinese, bought in China. Warranties? What Warranties?
- The USB-C plug seems to be a bit too "deep".
- Really nice 1920x1280 touch screen
- eMMC still is slow... Might be better in the blue Dell, but I find eMMC painful.
- Choice between Win10 and Android... Android runs much smoother on it than Windows.
- Price... You won't get anything like it on the European market

So, if you're on a budget... Look into what the Chinese have to offer.

2 days ago
i wondered what year this video comes from.

2 days ago
Linus, you should review the acer r11 chroembook. It's okay, but not as good as a good pc.

2 days ago
My advice, buy a cheap old laptop that can handle expansion. Buy 8GB of RAM + a smallish(128GB) SSD. Very cheap and fast.

2 days ago
I️ need Linus to send me a crazy gaming and editing computer because I️ do YouTube and game and do art on 150 dollar laptop

3 days ago
need a laptop for sub 400$ ? --> buy a used Dell Latitude / Hp Probook (Business Devices) from a Refurbisher with a 2nd Gen i3 or better, you'll have a device that doesnt feel like a piece of shit and it's still cheap

3 days ago
There are more than 3 reasons Linus.

4 days ago
Ok i will buy a 399.99 dollar laptop

4 days ago
I have a big

Read more

4 days ago
Linus of all people would know better than to sing the praises of "dynamic black" for "amazing constrast". Sigh.

5 days ago
You can get some great stuff around $800. I just got an ASUS with i7, 256 SSD & 1TB HDD, 8gb ram, and a 940mx gpu for $850.

5 days ago
When you need to go out into the real world😂

5 days ago
My girlfriend got one of those £120 laptops and asked me if she could run gta

5 days ago
Oh I'm not buying a 400 $ dollar laptop . Im buying a 149 $ one

6 days ago
3:07 is that the apartment from big hero 6

6 days ago
LTT how about used laptops? It doesn't have to be new.

6 days ago
You should check out the Acer aspire 5. its better than all three in the video and its around 500$

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