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The Water-Cooled Overclockable Server! What??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

52 minutes ago
I like the idea of a water cooled server, If you remove the heat exchanger from the inside of the server case and pump the coolant to a external heat exchanger it would solve the noise and give you a significant of real estate inside that server.

4 hours ago
Add GPU to a water cooled server....oh jesus Linus stop, just stop. Bashing the 1U riser card, which seems foreign to him, because you have to use a half height GPU....The server wasnt built to expect a GPU. Those slots are most likely and almost certainly meant for PCIe network cards or HBA SAS to connect to back end storage.

4 hours ago
Why does Linus jack look like it has shoulder pads in it?

1 day ago

1 day ago
6:25 he almost pulled a linus

1 day ago
build full RGB server

1 day ago
Why not rout the water cooling outside of the box to quit it down?

2 days ago
Where's the hoodie on the store?! D:<

2 days ago
Jake is sooo much better since that video where he was savaged in the comments. Keep it up!

2 days ago
FYI linus , OVH does liquid cooled overclocked game servers for heavy game server workloads :D , also a few other companies does that too ;)

2 days ago
@14:21 I lost it. Anyone who has read the book "the big sort" or "flash boys" by Michael Lewis, will shit their pants. F**K HFT. They are whats wrong with capitalism.

2 days ago
Jokes on me, I'm using Pulseway for years now. Actually pretty good!

2 days ago
But why?

2 days ago
Two things:
> They haven't seen the inside of a server.....?
> This is basically a desktop machine in a rack-mount case.
>> Not all servers are rack-mount
>> Concurrent power supplies do not a server make.
>> Workstation RAM and CPU

2 days ago
Obviously, Linus has not heard of Ciara Orion servers - I've serviced those for about 2 and a half years.

3 days ago
15:00 $100,000 cpu is in too left corner

3 days ago
Jake, whaha dongle server 😜

3 days ago
Are you not the one that watercooled and overclocked a server already? so... you really cant say why.

4 days ago
lol, inb4 trying to use pulseway as a non business owner… RIP

4 days ago
I need one of those PSUs for a custom ITX gaming build. 1100w in such a small form would be useful.

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