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Apple: It's Good If You Like CRAP
   Rick Beato
  Published: 1 year ago


I'm fed up with Apple.




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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 year ago
Check out my new video, where I read some of the comments from this video:

1 hour ago
What are you planning yo change now? Windows?

2 hours ago
I guess we should rename the company to Crabapple.

7 hours ago
apple sucked even when your cult leader was alive, overpriced crap for suckers with a lot of money. windows PC wins always and always has

9 hours ago
on the other hand, they become 1 trillion dollar company

10 hours ago
your audio is clipping there bud

10 hours ago
Apple is no longer a simple manufacturer, it´s a religion and as all religions they provide their believers with useless things for lots of money.

10 hours ago
Just shut up dumbhead i was an windows user for 13 years now i use macbook air you know it is the best

14 hours ago
How free can You be if you are listening and charging at the same time

14 hours ago
Rick Beato : Subscribe if you like crap 💩

14 hours ago
Haters gonna Hate.......

1 day ago
Samsung user for the win

1 day ago
apple released a new 12.9 inch all screen ipad and nope, no headphones jack

1 day ago
What about Crapple

1 day ago
Jeez you had a lot of problems with the iphone 4

1 day ago
I have an iPhone 📲 and an android phone and in my opinion... iPhones are better and that includes all Apple products. Way better but if u don’t like Wat device Ure using I guess u can switch to Nokia. Honestly nobody fucking cares.. u never see apple “fan boys” in the comments section of an android shaming video complaining. But everytime u see an iPhone video the comments section is crowded with broke android users who can’t afford an iPhone and are so pained that they want to drag everyone into their misery. Yes I can’t download songs for free but.... oh wait I actually can! Because even tho u have a PC u can download songs from google upload it to iTunes and transfer it into your phone 📱 for free! Fucking assholes. I might not be ijustine but as someone who switched from using android phones for years to using an iPhone I can tell u that iPhones are faster.. more durable.. has more resale price. Which means it has more value better camera 📸 and sound system... better design. If Apple is such a bad company how come most android phones today copy Apple upto the exterior design?🤔 instead of complaining about nonsense how bout u just switch and stfu!! I honestly dunno y I see videos like this on my feed. I didn’t go to YouTube and start complaining wen I switched from android to Apple I switched in peace and quietly cos I could afford it. And to the guy complaining about dropping iPhones and cracked screens there’s something called a phone case and a screen protector u should try it sometimes. Faggots

2 days ago
Apple....The Gibson of the tech world.

2 days ago
unfortunately apple has all the best APP's (I'm a musician BTW)

2 days ago
MACS ------> spelled backwards <--------- SCAM

2 days ago
Well said sir. I wouldn't touch Apple products with somebody else's barge pole. Biggest load of crap on the market.

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