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Apple: It's Good If You Like CRAP
   Rick Beato
  Published: 1 year ago


I'm fed up with Apple.




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Comments Directly on YouTube

12 months ago
Check out my new video, where I read some of the comments from this video:

38 minutes ago
Apple: $2000 2 year old i5

2 hours ago
I use to like mac for a long time because of the no virus thing, but now I am going to linux because I agree with this man. I am not going to windows. Mm mm. No siry! I don't trust the crap out of that company.

3 hours ago
Did it annoy anyone that he threw all his products?

4 hours ago

4 hours ago
You'd need audio hijack pro app to grab your systems audio from any active app running audio though it as a workaround, or else you'd have to pay for an app called Screenflow for Mac which does what quicktime does, except you get audio capture too. NO idea why quicktime has never allowed this, unless somehow apple also owns screenflow, i just don't get it.

5 hours ago
Ofc cuz
Android >IOS
Windows > Mac OS
End of story

5 hours ago
So you're fed up with Apple? Well, just try and use a PC with Microsoft… Then you will really have something to complain about. :-)

6 hours ago
2:32 Wozniak left!

8 hours ago
Apple can be a pane in the arse.

8 hours ago
Well said I agree 100 percent.

8 hours ago
Hackintosh is the answer. It's Apple's own fault for stitching the creative industry up.

8 hours ago

8 hours ago
Everyone in the comment section seems to be part of the Steve Jobs cult... The guy was a dick, all his good ideas were stolen from other people, he neglected and disowned his daughter because he was embarrassed by her, and he turned a generation of people into robots, obsessed with owning the next model of phone each year.

9 hours ago
1 year later. Apple is now 1 trillion. Yes, Apple is done

13 hours ago
Yeah Apple is retarded but FaceTime isn’t meant to have record because your meant to chat with someone not record it. And with quick time player you have to set up an audio device.

14 hours ago
12K diehard apple fanboys :D :D :D

16 hours ago
4:32 at least there's dodie right there

18 hours ago
Kurt Cobain predicted this when he said "you taught me everything about a poison apple"

24 hours ago
Apple's REAL market is selling connectors — they make completely new connector designs for the same protocols every two years. Compare that with USB 1,2 & 3: the connectors remain the same and are backwards compatible.

Apple Computer has devolved into a cell phone company, completely abandoning the creative professionals that launched the company in the first place.

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