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Apple: It's Good If You Like CRAP
   Rick Beato
  Published: 9 months ago


I'm fed up with Apple.




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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 months ago
Check out my new video, where I read some of the comments from this video:

2 hours ago
Windows is good if you like crap

4 hours ago
HA!! What a horrible waste of money!!

5 hours ago
and its even more funny, even the best days you mentioned were still pure crap.

5 hours ago
Well you are not wrong, And if you load your own music to your iphone there is no way to get it back ! It's one way only ! What the fuck apple !

5 hours ago
Amen, brother.

7 hours ago
I see a lot of haters than the fanboys, never used ios so no comments from me. I just came here to read the battles of the keyboard warriors 😂

9 hours ago
Shutup and go retire old man

9 hours ago
Windows says hello.

9 hours ago
What really pissed me off and lots of design professionals off was when they removed color tagging files and folders in Finder. Instead of highlighting the entire row with the color it instead placed a tiny dot in a place where it was visually difficult to match to the filename. It completely destroyed workflow and forced you to get a 3rd party application to restore the function. Just "fixing" and changing things like this that didn't need fixing seems to be Apple's issue as of late. I don't get why they can't keep well enough alone and keep bloating some apps with excess features while removing key functions from others.

11 hours ago
Apple sucks

13 hours ago
lol copying photos from an iphone to a laptop!

14 hours ago
Yep! I personally really like my iPhone 6s. Does everything I need it to do, and does it well. But the models after that I have no interest in, and their laptops have no ports! AND limited hard drive space. I don't want to carry dongles around everywhere I go, or use the cloud for storage--and pay over $2,000 to do so. I was in the market last year for a laptop and settled on a $950 Lenovo 2-in-1 instead with a 512GB SSD, i7, 16GB ram, 1080p IPS screen, and Geforce 940MX. It's fantastic, and more power than I'd ever need for audio production. It can even run The Witcher 3!

14 hours ago
Their new slogan should be AdAptle!

16 hours ago
drop it stronger old idiot

16 hours ago
LMFAO 10,000 dislikes from people that ride apples dick all day long

17 hours ago
Always been an android/windows user, I have experience with both and I’ve always liked my non-apple products more

17 hours ago
jst fuck apple mate lol

17 hours ago
Jeah another video of an ex apple user... Wtf I know apple is crap since the first iPhone came out... Remember... Absolute crap in commpairson to Samsung galaxy 1

18 hours ago
True crap

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