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Is Apple's behavior ILLEGAL?? - iMac Pro Repair Pt. 2
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
This video should go viral

2 hours ago
iSheep don't get their name just by buying apple product. Their mentality defines them.

5 hours ago
And this is why I don't like apple

10 hours ago
That's why I never by Apple products. EVER.

10 hours ago
It's a china product I'd send it to china to get it fixed all the tech stuff in made there. This is why apple won't fix it.

12 hours ago
So... uhhh ... where's part 1? all the links on the comments but no "Part 1" on a video that says part 2? I'm sorry internet; I'm lost!

12 hours ago
your such a fucking sellout i hope they dont fix it

17 hours ago
Apple needs to go out of business.

19 hours ago
Linus, your ads are the only ads I actually watch/listen to because they are so naturally integrated and sometimes funnily added to your video. And I proudly use an adblocker and refuse to watch tv because of ads.

20 hours ago
Easy fix. Stop buying Apple products.

20 hours ago
The media outlets that threw those headlines get their money by doing clickbaits.

22 hours ago
Can someone please tell me what kind of 'hardware' checking tool/bios thing Linus was pointing to on that monitor at around 4:50? I've been looking for a way to fairly confidently check whether pc hardware components are functional and that seems like a good candidate. And how do I access that tool?

1 day ago
4:44 Why Do u ppl buy Apple product? They're not that good.

1 day ago
I bought a mac when you could still unscrew and update the inside. I have delayed updating because of this very thing! Have seriously been thinking about switching to Windows again. Hope right to repair goes somewhere because what Apple is doing is ridiculous.

2 days ago
and thats why i never use apple they are all about money.

2 days ago
Damn this guy is anal as fuck and so pc biased. We get it, you hate apple. No amount of you pretending to “give it a chance” will change that

2 days ago
Apple sounds like a cult.

2 days ago
reasons whyyyyy,i have samsung and a pc

2 days ago
There's very little that's illegal when a person has money, unless its done to someone else with money.

2 days ago
When I went to apple store yesterday about a display problem in macbook air. He told me that you shouldn't let the charger be connected after your macbook has been charged to 100%. Basically, he said that I should wake up at 2 O'Clock in the morning and disconnect the charger.

F**********K YOU

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