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Is Apple's behavior ILLEGAL?? - iMac Pro Repair Pt. 2
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 minutes ago
3:13 price total is not right. You are totaling up retail prices for all components. You are not telling your viewers that it is same price for all these components in an equivalent Apple machine. So you are saying it is okay you pay retail for every component and give Apple all the profit from every individual component sale in a their built computer. Please compare Apples to apples.

28 minutes ago
Ehh... Apple highly overprices their products....

What is so professional on macs tho ?

2 hours ago
"Warranty void" stickers mean nothing lol

2 hours ago
It's about time Apple got exposed for its trashy support and prices

3 hours ago
wennnnnnndellllllllllllll !!!!!

3 hours ago
I did consider an iPhone recently. After this... Nah, I'm not even going to bother. I do the maintenance on my old phones (and the current one too), so Apple's policies are a bunch of shenanigans.

4 hours ago
I think it's great that they have a computer for all the autistic folks out there. and they even inflate the overral price so as to ensure to these autistic folks think it even has value. they even brag about the price, as if it proves it's quality worth LOL. I hope apple sticks around. I get so many laughs from them and their consumers :)

4 hours ago
Be careful, George Bush had planes flown into the towers just because he hates brown people... imagine what apple can do to you...

5 hours ago
lawl... anyone using Apple deserves whatever comes down the pipe at em.

5 hours ago
Most people here think that Apple users do not care about this. I'm an Apple User and collector myself... and i'm deeply saddened and hurt by the state of Apple. And if you scout many Apple communities (specially vintage/PowerPC/68k ones) you'll see that most of us hate what the company has become, there are a couple of blind fans...but they're a small very vocal minority and usually frowned upon by the older more experienced users/Collectors.

5 hours ago
Apple offers to give you a brand new iMac and you complain because you want yours repaired instead? Why do you care how Apple runs its business? This makes me love Apple even more.

5 hours ago
Can somebody remind me again why a repaired computer is better than a new one?

6 hours ago
Wacha expect? Its the media.

6 hours ago
The audio quality in this one.. :/

7 hours ago
Great Video

9 hours ago
who else fist pumps to the intro music

9 hours ago
Oh looks like you've caught up with the fake news media.

10 hours ago
I’m subscribing to your channel to see what happens

13 hours ago
Dude you're from Vancouver you should know better not to recommend Geek Squad they suck.

13 hours ago
Apple's policies is as restrictive as their iOS ecosystem.

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