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Is Apple's behavior ILLEGAL?? - iMac Pro Repair Pt. 2
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 8 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
This is utterly degrading with Apple's doings. With these "actions" Apple was "doing", I'm sorry, but they will lose loyal consumers that has been buying their products for years.
Apple is the #1 company in the world.

13 hours ago
12:33 he has a fortnite skin as a profile pic he has no right to say anything

15 hours ago

21 hours ago
Apple doesnt repairs stuff because they are trying to make more money by forcing customers to buy new stuff.but nah nah nah boo boo on apple,there are third party repair sevices.

21 hours ago
What's Canadian ruppees?????? 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

1 day ago
They not only do that but I hear they make it hard to get parts that are known to fail. Just how sleazy is Apple anyhow? From all I hear it seems they don't care about their customers one bit.

2 days ago
"MACSrPOO" - Destruction Derby 2 1996

2 days ago
I actually have a recent sleeper computer case (one of the latest ones btw) and there was something wrong with it. So I send it back and they actually fixed an issue! I know it’s a pc case but cmon if the manufacturer can fix there own thing, then apple can surely do the same thing.

2 days ago
sic em linus

2 days ago
Auto makers should approach repair the same way apple does. Then we'd see the apple stans scream bloody murder.

2 days ago
anyone whose ever used macs extensively knows what a fucking horrible idea an imac pro is. "pro" users especially. if your'e work is so important to you why the fuck would you use a computer that ANY REPAIR would require it to be shipped off to apple for a week or more to be fixed? Because Apple products dont' have design defects? Butterfly keyboards, "you're holding it wrong", etc? And that's just the shit that gets publicized.

2 days ago
This is why I hate Apple. They are just over priced and the servicing is just crap. PC is waaaaaaay better. Screw Apple.

2 days ago
Did you know that in the US void is broken stickers are not legal and do not hold up in court.

2 days ago
I worked for one company as an engineer that designed a controller to run a special stamping die. They locked down the program so no one can copy it. But, they also would be too damn lazy to fix problems or update it. Lots of customers didn't have much choice but to buy these controllers and live with the results to make production.

My current employer has a special process for forming structural components for automotive. It's patented, but they're ridiculous when it comes to anyone having access to the programs or any engineering files. They act just the same as Apple, it's all about having something no one else has. 

Apple isn't doing anything surprising to me. They make pretty good products, but they come with one hell of a premium. I think people tend to forget what all they get when buying Apple, it's not just the hardware, it's the security, and its the lack invasion. 

I will say that it does blow my mind that Apple doesn't have spare parts! I understand from my history around patients and greedy corporations the extremely tight leash on the parts, but damn, no fix at all?!

3 days ago
Now you know what pewdiepie feels every day?

3 days ago
Sorry about this I hate apple

3 days ago
What diagnostic software is this at 4:36?

3 days ago
I used to be an Apple fan and I totally quit around 2014... it was just sad to see the direction they were taking ... I miss Steve jobs ..

3 days ago
You shouldn't buy computers from Apple, the bottom line is everything about them just sucks

3 days ago
The media lied about this situation. Think about that when they present you with "truth" about anything else.

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