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Why SpaceX ditched lightweight Carbon Composites for Stainless Steel to make a sweaty Starship
   Everyday Astronaut
  Published: 3 weeks ago


SpaceX’s upcoming rocket called Starship Super Heavy formerly known as BFR, will no longer be made out of lightweight Carbon Composites, it’ll sweat a lot, and just MIGHT need a TON of WD-40.

So we’ll take a look at all of Elon’s most recent claims about stainless steel actually being the best option and see if we come to the same conclusion.

We’ll also take a look at some other rockets that are made of stainless steel and explain how SpaceX's use of this material is a little different as they’ll be using new manufacturing techniques and doing things that have never been attempted before.


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Comments Directly on YouTube

14 hours ago
Raptor thrust is lower than predicted, now stainless structure. I'm thinking that Elon needs to take SpaceX public, raise $100B, and do this job right.

2 days ago
Those rockets scare me. I wouldn’t want them penetrating my atmosphere.

2 days ago
Every generating needs to explore from the 50's onward (I guess from the beginning of NASA) to see what the growth and development of technology was, and NASA was always ahead of the curve in the U.S.

Also they need to see how the Soviet Union spurred us on to put our best out on the launching pad!

2 days ago
We are all astronauts when we make our doctor appointments and other medical appointments, even in - home diagnostics.

Every evaluation is a study that helps medical professionals develop more and more innovations, and these innovations are used to help Space-going astronauts, and the research they uncover helps us back on Earth! We are an amazing Human race!

2 days ago
U can't compare price by the unit of weight to say it is 60x cheaper since the main benefit of using carbon composite is light-weight , but I get the point, nice video

2 days ago
The liquid methane evaporation to cool the heat shield is a nice idea, but the enthalpy of vaporization of liquid methane is not that great. Also, it will catch fire in the insane temperatures upon reentry, won't it? Perhaps waste water cooling would be a better one? Although the energy content is probably way to high anyway... Let's do some math: reentry speed let's say 8500 m/s, kinetic energy of 90.000 kg vessel 0.5*m*v(squared) = 3251 GJ. Let us say we need to dissipate 25% of that value by vaporizing water (not methane) then I have to dissipate 812 GJ of heat by vaporizing 330 TONS of water. So what am I missing here? (dH vap water = 44kJ/mol)

2 days ago
It never ceases to surprise me how often the technology of the future looks very similar to the science fiction of the past.

2 days ago
Stainless steel requires no wd-40. Hence the stainless part. My toolbox is stainless. Never used wd-40

2 days ago
Tim can you explain the SX300 and SX500 what will that mean? Is it just that the raptor can produce more heat without melting the metal? BTW - they miss named the StarShip - shouldn't it be the J-type 327 Nubian royal starship

3 days ago
remember, space-x just ground tested a new worlds strongest rocket and smaller than what the last world record holder, the Russians had. Saving space and weight. They could use them, increase payload while decreasing space needed for the rockets. besides, the only problem with the old space shuttle was they launched at a temperature to cold. the required temperature to launch was over 50 degrees Fahrenheit. is was 30 degrees on the launch pad that day causing the o-ring to freeze and break. the boss of NASA said launch. that is why it blew up.

3 days ago
I almost feel this video is more about you showing off being a hipster more then about the info on the rocket.....regardless of its true intent, i cant watch this junk

4 days ago
I think it's about making them cheaper and commercial.

4 days ago
I saw you on a ad.

4 days ago
Dose anyone know if people can use rocket designs for 3 different rockets

5 days ago
Gompers, a You Tube channel that actually does research into its subject!
One thing I am confused about, or maybe I missed it - I can see that nano tubes can be 60 times the cost of stainless steel per kilo, but what is the relationship to effectiveness? In other words, if it costs $X to build this piece of the ship with nano tubes, what would the same cost for the same thing be for stainless steel? (A kilo of nano tubes may go a lot farther than one of stainless steel?) Just curious.

5 days ago
Excellent video, science, research and presentation. Thank you, Tim!

5 days ago
Love that t-shirt! Where can I get one?

5 days ago
SpaceX luckly keeps being the backbone of all of Elon's projects, hope he was really joking about the cold gas car 'cause between the BFR and the random digging of dumb holes there are quite a few of money drains running already

5 days ago
I don't see how this reduces the cargo capacity. The use of stainless steel removes a lot of weight from the rocket in the form of heatshield, thermal insulation, walls for the tanks, etc...

6 days ago
you know Cody's Lab? so do I :)

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