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Why SpaceX ditched lightweight Carbon Composites for Stainless Steel to make a sweaty Starship
   Everyday Astronaut
  Published: 3 months ago


SpaceX’s upcoming rocket called Starship Super Heavy formerly known as BFR, will no longer be made out of lightweight Carbon Composites, it’ll sweat a lot, and just MIGHT need a TON of WD-40.

So we’ll take a look at all of Elon’s most recent claims about stainless steel actually being the best option and see if we come to the same conclusion.

We’ll also take a look at some other rockets that are made of stainless steel and explain how SpaceX's use of this material is a little different as they’ll be using new manufacturing techniques and doing things that have never been attempted before.


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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
7:36 excuse me WTF ???

7 hours ago
Man- less weight isn't always good. Look at the cars- very light cars often are very unstable :) this is can be a reason.

9 hours ago
2 year trip !?

14 hours ago
hey tim how would they make this bleeding heat shield. I mean this methane would react with the oxygen and it would explode and heat the rocket

1 day ago
why not mix coltan with it?

2 days ago
It only makes sense to lube up a phallic object

2 days ago
I hope I can weld on it one day

2 days ago

3 days ago
If you want to go to mars, there a lot more cold than heat on the way, stainless steel is much better for Elon's needs

3 days ago
Steel is still a phenomenal material with a great strength/(weight*price) quotient.

3 days ago
Good content thanks...clearly stated. Note the size and payload capacity will be important though all the items Elon will want to transport into orbit for deployment to Mars. TBM for underground habitat and transport construction (hyper loop) fuel extraction/processing plant, satellite network in orbit for Mars com and Mars to earth com system, solar power plant energy storage...etc.

3 days ago
dose it move .YES - should it .NO =duct type
dose it move .NO - should it .yes = WD40

4 days ago
sip Should make it with good ol' steel and wood.

4 days ago
Probably hell of a lot cheaper then Carbon FIber

4 days ago
your first attempt at pronouncing metallurgist is correct.

4 days ago
Thank you. Very informative and simple. Also thank you very much for believing

4 days ago
Stainless steel isn't 60 times cheaper. The price of stainless steel is 3$ per kg, but the density is 7.85 g/cc while carbon fiber with epoxy composite have a density of 1.57 g/cc. That means that the carbon fiber with epoxy composite is 5 times lighter and therefore the price per cc goes down, and that is the price that matters since they aren't buying the materials for having them as a paperweight.
So the price for stainless steel is actually 0.02355$ per cc while carbon fiber is 0,2826$ per cc, Therefore stainless steel is 12 times cheaper than carbon fiber.
Anyway, nice video ;)

5 days ago
6:13 its hydrolox not hydrolocks in the captions

5 days ago
10:15 Koeniggseg already have technology for make this pores on metal, to make a butons in car

5 days ago
*metallurgist is easy to pronounce you dont have to act stupid

Wd 40 is a solvelt and not a lubricant btw

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