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Kingdom Hearts 3 (dunkview)
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Finally, the conclusion to the saga. Except not really.

dunk store
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8 minutes ago
Will never surpass Knack II

11 minutes ago
'"Are you a fan of Johnny Cash covers of Nine-Inch Nail songs?"
"... I know Hurt".

2 hours ago
I feel like this criticism can be applied to the whole series, and I would totally agree if it was. (I like Pirates of the Caribbean though, or at least the first 3).

2 hours ago
6:06 BURN! from buzz?

3 hours ago
Close your eyes

5 hours ago
I totally agree with everything you said, despite the fact that I love Kingdom Hearts more than anything, KH3 was a huge disappointment for so many reasons : The Disney worlds are not treated in depths, it felt so rushed and flat, we didn't have the opportunity to know the characters well, in Arendelle we didn't fought Hans who was clearly consumed by the darkness, if someone didn't watch Frozen, they will have no clue on who this character was, all of the Disney worlds were the same, you came, meet the characters, fought heartless until the last boss, and it ends here. Now about the members of the Organization XIII, on each world there was one of them, they appear for a short time, makes fun of you and leave you with a heartless boss, that's it. There should be more interactions with Sora and the members of the Organization that you met on each world, and you should have the opportunity to fight them. We couldn't play with a character other than Sora, with the exception of Riku that you had to play with for some minutes, and Aqua only one time, we should have played with Ventus, Terra, Lea/Axel, Kairi, and way more with Aqua and Riku. The attacks and the keyblades forms were always the same, the content of the game was poorly written, boring, and was always the same, the characters felt out of the place, Sora has always the same sentences, there's was no Final Fantasy characters while Kingdom Hearts is supposed to be a mixt between Disney and Final Fantasy, so where are Cloud, Squall/Leon, Aerith, Tifa, Cid, Yuffie, Sephiroth, Zack and the others ?
You had to finish all of the Disney worlds to finally enter in the KH plot, they only throw all the KH plot at once in the end, which was a huge mistake. Aqua being consumed by the darkness wasn't a big deal, her heart was just infected by Ansem's attack, there should have been another more interesting way to make Aqua a seeker of darkness, instead of this. You can't visit Kingdom Hearts' original worlds, Radiant Garden, Traverse Town, the Realm of Darkness, the Mysterious Tower, Destiny Islands, you can't even explore Scala Ad Caelum, you can't fully explore Twilight Town, the area was reduced for absolutely no reason. There's no explanation on how Xion and Roxas came back while they are supposed to be inside Sora because they were created from him and are only one and same person. Aqua didn't had a lot of moment to shine, and we didn't get to see more from her after she was saved. Riku and Kairi didn't get any interactions while they are supposed to be friends. They tried to make some moments between Sora and Kairi but it doesn't work at all, Sora never get a lot of interactions with Kairi, they barely see each other, so trying to make Kairi a love interest doesn't make any sense, it would be disgusting as much as Noctis and Lunafreya.
Kairi is now the most hated character in KH by the fanbase, she didn't fight in KH3, she is useless, still the damsel in distress, while she was supposed to be strong and become a keyblade wielder. And the ending sucks tbh.
We still don't know what contains the black box, while Nomura says that we will know in KH3, we didn't learned anything from Xehanort's past.

What a waste of time and money.

6 hours ago
I’m a die hard fan and have been playing since 2002. I loved the game and disagree with this review.

Thats it.

7 hours ago
5:30 i'm a "die hard" fan but i didnt sea any references in this game...

8 hours ago
Ducknesss 🍾🦆🥛

8 hours ago
- My wife died...
- Sounds like a good memory

9 hours ago
I just beat it. I've been a fan of this series since I was a kid. This game is absolute trash. I'm so goddamn disappointed.

11 hours ago
Kingdom Hearts has always been garbage

11 hours ago
you didn't even talk about how Sora DIES.

11 hours ago
So your telling me there's a chance...


13 hours ago
I was really looking forward to buying this for as long as everyone else but accidentally stumbled upon the leaks. I'm so fucking glad I didn't pre-order this garbage. It's like Disney had the majority of control in this shit. But that wouldn't make sense because they wouldn't let it get released. 90% of the dialogue is awkwardly delayed between lines, most of the voice actors did a fucking terrible job at portraying any ounce of emotion, the combat looks way too easy, there's no critical mode, and then after all that time everyone waited, it leaves off on a *fucking cliffhanger*. This wasn't worth the 13 year wait at all, and killed what little enjoyment I had with the series after the countless spin-off titles. They had one job, and it was only to make the final Kingdom Hearts game. Instead I got 20 hours of fucking disney movies I already watched a hundred times and voice acting that's paced for a mentally disabled audience.


13 hours ago
Woody sounds like he's about to offer me some flex tape

14 hours ago
I need to know to song in the intro

15 hours ago
It think it is funny that it takes a person to tell me that "I do know hurt" sounds stupid. I thought it was normal as heck!

16 hours ago
Anybody notice the Beeg Yoshi in the tutorial?

16 hours ago
definitely a game for people who want the specific feelz

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