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DIY Lithium Battery - What could go wrong??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

17 hours ago
Linus, what do your neighbours think of you guys and all your antics? I think a video with them talking about what shananagines you and LTT get up to that they see, should be in order!

3 days ago
Electrocute yourself with 18650 batteries? Yeah I don't think I'd worry about that!....

3 days ago
Nice wire strippers.

3 days ago
When you crash. First thing you worry about is your phone.

5 days ago
10:15 “Don’t want to make enemy’s with the Verge”, nice foresight!

6 days ago
he has plyers from the dollar store lol

1 week ago
"The Bomb has been Planted" #counterstrike #FTW

1 week ago
I cringed the whole time

1 week ago
Because nothing says fun like a battery fire. 🔋🔥😂

2 weeks ago
What is the annoying "squek"noise in the background...? -.-

2 weeks ago
ITs my two favorite youtube channels in one.. The Hoonigans and Linus Tech Tips. RAD

2 weeks ago
I didn't read all the comments, but when my daughter (however briefly) was driving on of these things, i cut up old bicycle tires, flatten them out, wrapped them around and screwed them into the back wheels for better traction... and better traction it was. it still slid in a turn cause i didn't put them on the fronts, but it worked like a charm!

2 weeks ago
What's the verge?

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
How 24V DC could electrocute you?

2 weeks ago
12:10 the left aft of the wheels have the bolt released

2 weeks ago
Rich rebuilds had an old pack in a Disney car burn down. It would have take the whole shop had the mechanic not pushed it outside.

2 weeks ago
more of that pleas

2 weeks ago
I got a lost and a founder

2 weeks ago
Linus Drift Tips

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