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DIY Lithium Battery - What could go wrong??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 month ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

32 minutes ago
those samsungs look fake. imo. could be color saturation that makes it look like that tho.

5 hours ago
We put a car battery on mine when I was a kid! Literally so powerful it couldnt get grip!! plastic tires, just nothing but burn outs! spinning too fast, to even grip the ground and go anywhere! lol

14 hours ago
The intro music you use in your videos is really welcoming and also a perfect match for a techie channel like yours :)

1 day ago
Re-using ideas that came out 4 - 8 years ago lmao

2 days ago
9:00 😂😂

2 days ago
You should be asking yourself what could go right...

2 days ago
12:11 When Linus overclocked his power wheels

12:13 When it was too overclocked, the power wheels cannot withstand it.....

2 days ago
Just get a peel p50

3 days ago
as soon as they installed the busbars, it was a nail-biting experience waiting for the short circuit O_O

3 days ago
haha omg my brother and I used to do this and like us and are friends would ram each other till one of are cars broke I remember one time we hit are friends car so hard he flipped over.
So like my brother would drive and I would control the power to wheels it was so fun. damn

3 days ago
Vape off it.

4 days ago
vapers know, these 18650s are probably sony vtc :D

4 days ago
Linus Toys tips

5 days ago
after all the mishaps on all your channels, HOW do you even trust urself to try this.

5 days ago
XDXDXD someone please play deja vu XDXD

6 days ago You should take that to the Power Racing Series!

6 days ago

6 days ago
Linus Do a Compare Test with Batteries 6V vs 12V vs 18 vs 24 to see the differences.

6 days ago
so 4 * voltage = 4 * power = 4 * speed? lol

7 days ago
I did this when I was 10

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