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Watch This Video Before You Get Married!
  Published: 3 months ago


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3 months ago
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5 days ago
May Allah S.W give us MEN OF UNDERSTANDING in marriage Ameen

5 days ago
Too #BluePilled by far. Hardly a choice, #MGTOW saves lives, brothers

6 days ago
very well said... this is the bitter truth of everyone's life

1 week ago
Maa shaa Allah

2 weeks ago
Seemz lyk ds bayan meant for me coz m goin thru d same situation......suffering in silence 😣😣😣😢😢

2 weeks ago
May Allah SWT guide us to the righteous path..Aameen 😢😢

2 weeks ago
JazzakAllahu Khairan for uploading, May Allah forgive us all and grant us all Jannatul-Firdaus. Ameen

2 weeks ago
I am a Christian but i really love this lesson,may Allah bless you sir.

3 weeks ago
There is nothing wrong with getting married young, as long as you are puber, matured, willing and ready.

What was wrong is the way the youngs are being raised today. We were pampered, taught to only go to school, being kept away from life responsibilities as a grown adult like earning or managing the household because afraid it will 'disturb' our studies yet we were given so much time for neverending entertainment to kept us lost in dream, from the media, to the society where it is so easy for boys to meet girls and so many girls show the best of themselves to lure the boys, that being committed to a spouse became a bigger challenge, especially to the raging desires of the young.

Youth in the past grown to build a responsible adulthood. Youth today grown to study the books and party.

Late adapting to life responsibilities means late marriage age in which this had contributed the most to increasing rate of zinaa too.

So if people blaming fragile marriage because married at young age, no, the young is not to be blamed. It was the way the young today gotten brought up by modernization of the dajjal that is to be blamed.

3 weeks ago
I'm a bit confused. punishment to whom? the women given statement to Muhammad mutafa saw or the husband who speaks badly to her women.?

4 weeks ago
as for me now am single and am still studying.

4 weeks ago
don't married because of you want to married, married because of you the husband, is righteous and you are fairing Allah. And you the wife should obey the husband and the rules of marriage.

4 weeks ago
why can this guy never address that women also are addicted to the net .He always looks at that the men cause the problems.

4 weeks ago
May Allah rewards you

4 weeks ago
"beautiful lecture"

1 month ago
🖒that's right 😪

1 month ago
I want to get married
Please pray for me ...

1 month ago
How to Become Friend Of Allah Beautiful Video Dont Miss(Mufti Menk)

1 month ago
The internet is a virus, they created it to infect us all. Only a few are immune.

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