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Taika Waititi Responds to IGN's Thor Comments
  Published: 3 months ago


IGN has one of the most active comments sections on the Internet. We showed director Taika Waititi some of our favourites.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 months ago
Hey everyone,

Taika Waititi is a very funny man, and you should definitely watch this video to the end because he probably gives us the best ending to any IGN video ever.

We really enjoy making these. So if you enjoyed, please give it a like or share it with somebody you also like.

- Krupa & Gav

2 days ago

3 days ago
Oh my gosh that face-pulling response to the last comment......hilarious!! Taika, that's what my 15yr old son looks like when he pulls those son is a crack up like you lol!

6 days ago
He read my comment back when my tag was Bruce Wayne AYE!!!!!

1 week ago
When he tells Bruce Wayne Thor Ragnarok is gonna make more money than “his” movie everyone laughed.... but now it’s true lmao

1 week ago
I love him so much.

1 week ago
Wish this was longer.

1 week ago
The only hater Thor Ragnarok is definitely from DC Comic. DEFINITELY.

1 week ago
Taika: 1, Bruce Wayne: 0. That response was even more savage in hindsight xD

2 weeks ago
Taika; *gets disturbed by someone who's username is 'RunningFromAdults'
Taika; Makes movie about a young kid running away from adults with an old mad called Hec

2 weeks ago
An Akira fan I am not surprised. Talent recognizes talent.

2 weeks ago
The Maori humor

2 weeks ago
And to think this guy was in green lantern

3 weeks ago
He plays Korg.

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
God Bless Taika Watiti!

3 weeks ago
That last bit does not only consist of Akira reference, but a direct response to the "Dr.Strange acid trip comment". Taika totally imitate Strange's face when he got propelled through the dimensions by Ancient One. Try comparing them!

4 weeks ago
I love how he made Akira reference in the end.

4 weeks ago
This video is way too short

4 weeks ago
This guy is in the rumoured to be in the running to do the Akira live action movie and at the end he just Tetsuo & Kaneda. Just thought it was odd that nobody is mentioning it

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