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Upgrading from the Worst Laptop EVER - ROG Rig Reboot
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


Thanks to ASUS Republic of Gamers for sponsoring this video!
Learn more about ASUS ROG GeForce graphics cards:
Aura Sync:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
This kid gets this PC? A little over the top for his age tbh

6 hours ago
I'm 14, I have a HP laptop that runs minecraft at 40 fps, and then I watch this kid get everyone's dream gaming computer. So jealous...

7 hours ago
Rgb fan +50fps
Rgb led strip +20fps
Rgb case +94748fps
Cool stickers +10 fps

7 hours ago
Is anyone else’s audio weird on this vid?

8 hours ago

10 hours ago
He's way smarter than me tho

10 hours ago
What's the case model name?

10 hours ago
can't stoo laughing because of 5:54

11 hours ago
He's so lucky 😔😖

16 hours ago
Using a $15 chinese gaming mouse here

19 hours ago
My actual dream is just a gaming pc and gear

20 hours ago
Hope he doesn't brick it within a few months

23 hours ago
Bruh I know exactly how this guy feels with his intel Pentium inside I have to game on a work desktop and it only runs 20 FPS on 720p

1 day ago
My computer can’t even run Minecraft well

1 day ago
oh my god this kid is cool

1 day ago
He sounds a bit sick who noticed that too

2 days ago
The audio triggered me

2 days ago
I hate this kid. He is so lucky and he doesnt deserve it at all.

2 days ago
This kid sounds like the male version of poppy

2 days ago
Can I be him?

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