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A NEW Level of Gimmick? Gigabyte Aero 15 x9 Review
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 days ago


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While everyone else has been making their laptops better, Gigabyte has been... adding AI?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
Artificial. it's in the name.
The impression of better. Placebo effect.

1 hour ago
I never have any idea what in the hell Linus is talking about, yet I'm constantly driven back to just simply listen and wish I were more intellectually inclined.

3 hours ago
Linus when are you going to review a nose hair trimmer? jk

7 hours ago
i literally spit out the milk in my mouth when linus said AI

7 hours ago
i literally spit out the milk in my mouth when linus said AI

14 hours ago
so its like the ultra instinct of laptops

18 hours ago
Yeah games and stuff cool, but what about the hash rate?

19 hours ago
my x8's keyboard's been broken for 4 months and i'm still looking for a goddamn keyboard replacement.

20 hours ago
best channel ever

20 hours ago
what is it on the left from linus were you playing kal-toh

20 hours ago
Next up acer nitro 7 when it comes out.

22 hours ago
for the price i would just put it in to a build

22 hours ago
A Ryzen 7 1700 laptop can get better render times in blender compared to those i9's and cost WAY less than those 3 $h1tty ones.

22 hours ago
There is an Y9 version that holds the RTX 2080, so why you didn't test that instead

1 day ago
Who has that sort of money to throw away on a laptop that can't outlive a phone?

1 day ago
Oh the ignoring of MSI...

1 day ago
Battery leave the chat

1 day ago
3:13 - 3:14 "for less money's"

1 day ago
“Optimizes for gaming by upping the fan and optimized for light work by enhancing acoustics” sounds like a normal fan curve to me

1 day ago
Hyundai kanabo

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