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Yeh Meri Kahani – The Reality Behind Mukkabaaz
   Eros Now
  Published: 9 months ago


Stream & watch back to back Full Movies only on Eros Now -

Stream & watch back to back Full Movies only on Eros Now -

Watch "Mukkabaaz" Full Movie Here -

Watch the heart rending stories of Indian boxers – that was the inspiration for #Mukkabaaz. You can’t not be moved by their spirit against all odds which are stacked against them.

Movie Name: Mukkabaaz
Director: Anurag Kashyap
Producer: Aanand L Rai

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
1.54, Bhai Kya Kare, 😔😔😔

1 month ago
Shandar jabardast jindabad

3 months ago
Very sad 😢

4 months ago
Very nice movie boxer is so good

4 months ago

5 months ago
Ravi Kishan is brilliant in this movie ...

5 months ago
wow evander holyfield 😱🤐😊😬

5 months ago
Mai Hairaan Hoon Religion , Caste ke Naam Par too Unity Dikhatee Hoo Aur Maangee Bhi Mavatee Hoo Kabhi Kisaan , Student , Sports ke Naam Par Ikhatee Nahi Huee .

5 months ago
Sarkarri Babu Aur Netaa Log Woo Gatar Ke Keedee Hain Jinhone Puree Desh koo Gatar Bana Diya Hai .

6 months ago
the character depicted in movie bhagwan das mishra, is he real? i cannot find any information about him

6 months ago
Bahut hua samman ab tumahri aisi taisi

6 months ago
Agar Soudi Arabian law chahiye toh
1. Contact every player in India. The player could be from any sport. You all are suffering.
Har ek khiladi se baat ki jiye. Khiladi kisi bhi khel ka ho sakta he. Sabka haal bura hi he.
2. Get every information about Soudi law or any other right you all want. Make sure to write everything down on paper.
Soudi kanoon yan koi bhi haq apko chahiye, uski sari soochna ikadhi ki jiye aur kagaz pe likh li jiye.
3. Set up a date and a location when and where you all can get together and get every necessary PERMIT.
Ek tareek aur jagah ko thaan li jiye jab aap sab ikhathe ho sako aur AGYAPATAR lena mat bhuliye ga
4. Keep posting on your social media about this event so your fans can join too.
Sabhi khiladi apne social media pe post karte rehna jab aap log tareek nishchit kar lein ge toh apke parshansak bhi aa sake.
5. Just go there with your demands written down on few papers.
Bas chale jayie vahan aur apne sath apni mange likhit mein rakhna na bhuliye ga.
6. Keep repeating until government pass the bill.
Tab tak dubara karte rahe jab tak sarkaar yeh bill pass na karde.

I could simply say that get all the players of india together and protest but i wanted to say it like this.

A free country means that we can PROTEST. I dont think that meaning is to vote because we mostly just have two candidates to pick from and mostly we dont like them both.

We should adabt soudi Arabians' RAPE AND ACID ATTACKERS punishments as well

6 months ago
Watch "Mukkabaaz" Full Movie Here -

7 months ago
oh shit evander watched this movie he is the only 4 time heavyweight champion and the only person to beat Tyson twice

7 months ago
Best movie very motivational and very true
But many dislikes as we prefer a murderer of public and animals and consider as a tiger .
And it’s Better than any stupid movie like killing a pack of wolves 🐺 with just hands and telling I’m tiger and then dancing 🕺

7 months ago
This makes me cry

8 months ago
Corrupt public corrupt country

9 months ago
Jis din iss desh mein sports mein se corruption khatam ho gya naa maa kasam Olympic mein medalo ki jhaddi laga denge hum lekin ye maadarchod neta saale badhve hone nhi deta aisa saalo ko apni tond phuulani hai bas bhosdiwaale

9 months ago
bitter truth of sports in INDIA, politics ruining our great players

9 months ago
this is bullshit

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