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Best Laptops for Students.. and anyone on a budget
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 days ago


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We wanted to do a back to school round up, but were a bit late so now it's a value laptop round-up.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
I have the predator Helios 300 I can rub fortnite at 200 FPS easy clap

1 hour ago
Jesus christ those are what you call budget?

2 hours ago
Maybe for rich students?

3 hours ago
Why are you guys ignoring hp pavilion gaming laptop? :/

5 hours ago
“...anyone on a budget” proceeds to suggest a $2000 laptop

6 hours ago
Linus, i love videos, but sometime when u make videos like this, it makes me fell bad about myself,
i have a
Geforce 210
intel duo
and 3 gb of ram
these people should be happy about what they already have.

this a comment which i have already written

7 hours ago
Hey Linus, you b*tch! You forgot a Linux system! How in the f*ck can you forget that, you stupid ... Sorry. I know you're biased towards Windows.

7 hours ago
How is it not budget? Im pretty sure many of the viewers telling that none are budget stuff are watching this video with similar or even higher priced phones.

$500~700 is totally within budget in laptop markets

9 hours ago
linus where is budget laptop

14 hours ago
Linus once again you have omitted any AMD laptops from your roundup. Despite there being numerous budget friendly devices that are better than literally anything you mentioned in this video.
You even recommended the inferior Intel version of the Nitro 5 vs the Ryzen 2500U version that is around $100 cheaper but upto 20% faster. "
I understand that Intel does alot of sponsorships there but really.... its not right to be so bias considering the position your channel is in.

15 hours ago
"budget" = $2k dell xps 15
me: ;-;

16 hours ago
The best general laptop for college in academical studies? the Ipad with a bluetooth keyboard

17 hours ago
Bruh school is already two weeks in. Thanks a lot Linus, now I'm screwed.

20 hours ago
No Thinkpad? Also they are easy upgradable

20 hours ago
Dude, I got my PhD with papers, pencils, a hp48gx, and books. Don't need no puter at school!

21 hours ago
Uhh my phone fall of on my well laptop right on top of the touchpad but the cover how do I get it out?

24 hours ago
..Or go for the pre-owned Thinkpads which will last you for a long time until graduation.

24 hours ago
I just bought an acer Aspire E15, 8th gen i3 for $400 the display is horrible and its slow af! Im gonna grab an ssd and use the 1TB hard drive for my files

1 day ago
Next time release this video at the start of august or end of july. The people that are going to be ordering laptops online are going to need their machines ordered by around the first week of august to make sure that they arrive in time before school starts. Dave 2D and UrAvgConsumer are the only channels that uploaded videos about laptops at the right time. Hopefully next year you guys join that crowd; I prefer your videos over others because of the personalities you bring.

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