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SPOONS Card Game *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale
  Published: 2 months ago


Today in #Fortnite #Creative we play the classic card game SPOONS but with a Fortnite battle Royale Twist!
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Music by Ninety9Lives
Tobu - Such Fun
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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 days ago
Your are the best YouTuber and drift is stupid

5 days ago
thesrrrrm X

6 days ago
Sundee you suck

7 days ago
like if ssundee is the funest youtuber

1 week ago
i use code ssundee

1 week ago
im a girl i play fortnite name ahmad_0201 9 years old im a pro friend me aspecially crainer and ssundee

1 week ago
every body ssundee and crainer sigils biffle are my fav

1 week ago
do u now LazerBeam ssundee

1 week ago
I’m a boy but I’m on my sisters tablet my name is David

1 week ago
ssundee you are my best you tuber I watch

1 week ago
I’m doing this for likes so uhh
This is me 👌
Gotcha don’t like this and move on

1 week ago
Nice vid ssudee

1 week ago
Bro thanks for idea just made another spoon map and took me 5 hours

1 week ago
Who else answered foot for what’s 1+1

1 week ago
loveit! reminds me of childhood

1 week ago
ssundee all the way

1 week ago
What your problem with turtles

1 week ago
Ssundees the best you tuber by the way

1 week ago
It’s all about the Benjamins
-Biffle 2019

2 weeks ago
Thanks so

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