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   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


Forget Threadripper and Core i9 - Xeon Phi is the go-to for x86 core count. But how does it actually perform?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
Xeon Phi is like 4 EPYCs but like 1/3 the frequency, I wonder which configuration is better... for [email protected] on BOINC. The advantage is that EPYC can be used for anything else and works like a dual-Threadripper, since they're the same except for the security features, so in the end, for ordinary people that want to help with protein folding computations EPYC is the answer, because will give more productivity for the buyer of it

11 hours ago
What I would like to know is, does it come with a few set of new instructions? SSE5? SSE6? 128 float or 256 float numbers?

11 hours ago
6:45, pretending to have solved a molecular simulation, while accidentally moving the mouse to reveal it was only a YouTube video.
Good job, lol.

1 day ago

3 days ago
Please test Vray benchmark

3 days ago
I heard youtube ad revenue is bad, but just how bad is it? Do you make more from paid promotions then ad revenues?

4 days ago
What do you do With this device after you are done? Do you sell it, do you give it back, do you send it to that doctor man?

4 days ago
Woah was that some blue shit on your eyes

4 days ago
Since quantumn computers solve hashes by checking every millions of possibly infinite combinations at the same time because thats how quantumn mechanics work, it would be too good for bitcoin mining

4 days ago
When your graphics card doesnt have that many cores and threads. . .

4 days ago
Epyc is better than this shit

5 days ago
How many bit coins is 32 gigs anyway?

5 days ago
Nintendo released N64 20 years ago and Intels are just caught up, pathetic!

5 days ago
the way linus presents his comercials is killing me, good job man!

5 days ago
; ; ,’:)

6 days ago
wow nice video & information 👍

6 days ago
Cinebench score? wtf

7 days ago
“[...]sssssssssss ssssssssss”, Linus pls don’t hurt my ears :(

1 week ago
but if you liquid nitrogen cool it you can get it running at about 4.0 ghz making it the most ultimate cpu of all time.

1 week ago
Why blue eye liner

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