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Bad Unboxing (STAR WARS) - Count Deku avenges Napkin Skywalker
  Published: 2 months ago


In this episode of star wars captain dedede avenges her only son, napkin.

This intro i think is a combination of a couple people:

Visuals(Rui Melo) :

Music (John Nickle) :

Thanks to all of you who made intros for bad unboxing. I might feature all of the terrible ones in the next video...(99% of them were v. v. v. bad)



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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
Intro visuals + music:
Visuals(Rui Melo) :
Music (John Nickle) :

1 hour ago
Artillery only

13 hours ago
You still got it man. Hope you do a few more of these.

13 hours ago
U look like my 19 year old druggie cousin with hair loss

14 hours ago
5:31 rencardo milos

16 hours ago
I’ve been doing the paper thing for a long time

17 hours ago
It’s Kylo ren oh and yeah I am a Star Wars fan well I have seen every movie

17 hours ago
He sounds more like Yoda when he was doing the cosplay

19 hours ago
Are these hideous masterpieces actually monetized somehow? I had to watch ads at the beginning and halfway through, and each time there were two of them

20 hours ago
Beakmans world was my childhood

Even though I wasn't born in the 80s

23 hours ago

You're welcome

1 day ago
QYup the Jaffa cakes

1 day ago

2 days ago
These are becoming painful to watch for some reason.

2 days ago
9:56 real ones?

2 days ago
Guys sorry i kinda new to The Chanel but is this guy ACTUALLY GAY

2 days ago
It was supposed to say "science"

3 days ago
5:41 gay kermit the frog having flach backs

3 days ago
Mental is everything u goof love u bro

3 days ago
Over here we got some slime~OoOo

Oh he probably fucking jerked off with this slime...

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