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Tom Hardy's Funny Moments PART 3
   Wonder Movies
  Published: 1 year ago


Watch Tom Hardy's Funny Moments Part 2
and Part 1
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1 year ago
He was filming near where I live recently and loads of us locals kept bumping into him out walking our dogs or in the pub, and this bloke really is as nice as he seems here.
No airs, no ego, just a sweetheart.
Lovely bloke.

1 week ago
he's both sweet and scary...

2 weeks ago
His laughter is so open and genuine...beautiful.

2 months ago
I've made it part of my daily routine to watch all parts 1-3 of these videos lmaoo I love them sm

3 months ago
Does anyone know where I can find the full Alan Carr Christmas interview where they're talking about Taboo? I've looked everywhere but can only find a short clip :(

6 months ago

7 months ago
heavy breathing

8 months ago

9 months ago
"And the naughty ways include like substances?"
*Tom pauses for suspense
"Nah... Chocolate"
Mah Man

9 months ago
Tom gave me a few nose hairs of his once, sold them on ebay 4 for 350 and I still have 2 left if anyone wants them, they come with the dna test proving they are Tom's and I have a certificate of authenticity aswell. I'll let these last 2 ( the last 2 nose hairs Tom hardy has produced for years and will produce for a long time due to laser removal) for 150 to the first person who responds.

9 months ago
extraterrestrial handsome creature he is!!!

10 months ago
Tom Hardy is so hot...

10 months ago
existential concerns huh

10 months ago
Coolest guy ever!

10 months ago
tom hardy is a mans man

11 months ago
"on FX u cant show *mimick something inappropriate*"

uhmm.... have you seen American Horror Story??

11 months ago
I like Tom hardy alo t he is handsome 🐵🐒100%
I dunno wa are these monkies doin

11 months ago
I think i'm gay now

12 months ago
tom hardy knows shit about fashion

12 months ago
The only roles I liked Christian bale in were American psycho and the fighter.

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