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Is LG Ditching OLED??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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The newest and best TVs for 2018 are rolling out, and as usual there’s a ton of marketing malarkey to cut through: OLED vs QLED, quantum dot vs nano cell, SUHD vs…Super UHD? More like ‘Super UGH’…

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57 minutes ago
Interestingly, Samsung managed to produce an LCD TV that is damn near as good as the best OLED out there. The Samsung Q9FN QLED is arguably the best HDR TV out there and manages black levels so good that you wouldn't even know it's an LCD TV viewing the screen as normal. They even managed to virtually eliminate the halo effect from micro dimming backlights. Don't believe me? Go look at the reviews. Only the brand new LG C8 OLED is able to best it. That means an LCD TV is "better" than most people's OLED TV's. Obviously, that is all subjective. But I think people don't realize they have that option due to the OLED hype and the "perfect black" madness. There are trade offs though. The QLED is brighter. The OLED has absolute black levels. The QLED has potential burn in and image retention. The QLED doesn't. The OLED can be rather unsuitable in a bright room while the QLED is great ina bright room. The QLED has potential haloing due to backlight. The OLED had no haloing because it's OLED. And so on... Personally, I'd rather have the Q9FN Samsung TV than a B6 LG OLED. BUT.... There is a catch with Samsungs QLED TV's. ONLY the Q9FN has been able to stand up to OLED TV's. The Q9F and the other "QLED" branded TV's just aren't up-to-par. So the only real option for a TV that is equal to or (subjectively) better than an OLED (not necessarily the BEST OLED) is the Q9FN. And then there's another REALLY BIG catch... The Q9FN is typically $400 more than the currently top rated OLED - the LG C8. So ultimately, you are still better off with an OLED. Especially at lower price ranges - unless you really value total brightness. The cheaper OLED TV's have had some significant problems including burn in, bad pixels, and poor overall brightness. But I'd still go with one over similarly priced LCD's without a doubt.

I just wanted to share what I know about the current TV selection. I don't think many people realize that Samsung has managed to create an LCD option that is actually comparable to modern OLED TV's. Before the Q9FN, OLED TV's were a complete no-brainer. But if you want to drop $3500 on a TV, It really is worth considering the Q9FN. Or if you are a Sony fan and like their motion processing better and don't mind slightly less HDR and black level quality, they have some pretty darn good LCD's as well. But again, I'd still pick an OLED in that range. IMO, the two best options right now are the Samsung Q9FN or the LG C8.

On another note, more closely related to the topic of this video - I think most people don't spend more than $1000 on a TV. I personally haven't ever spent more than $1000 on a TV. I bought a Samsung Plasma PN51D8000 - a top TV for it's time and still an excellent 1080P set for $700 about 4 years ago used from a friend. $700 wouldn't get me anything close to that quality unless I went used. $700 now days buys you a mediocre run of the mill LCD. Probably the best option in that range now days are the TCL LCD's. OLED TV's are still, at the cheapest, $1500 for an entry level 55" set. 65" generally costs $1000 more or so. The cost is just on a whole different level. And if you're looking for the "best picture" you're looking at $3500 range. And of course there is the ultra expensive, ultra premium range of TV's. Most people just can't afford to drop $2k on a TV which is about average for OLED. That, or they just aren't willing to when a $800 TCL (or whatever brand) looks pretty damn good to them. I'd say the majority are happy to just buy a Vizio and call it a day. I know people who have picked up 65" Vizio 1080p LCD TV's and think they are incredible. They aren't ofcourse, but to them, they are. Hell, I bought my father-in-law a 55" 4K Philips TV on black Friday for $239! Is it stellar? No. But to the average viewer - a 1080P blu-ray upscaled to 4K, even on a budget TV like that, looks amazing. And it is amazing for the price.

OLED TV's are just too expensive to be mainstream. They are like the 2 seat sports car of TV's. Some people must have one, but most people aren't going to bother because they are expensive and offer little utility over a 4K $239 black Friday special. However, I don't think this means OLED is going anywhere. It is just currently the bleeding edge of display technology. The only way it goes away is if they can figure out how to make Q9FN quality LCD's en masse for little cost that can be sold at all price ranges and meet the whole range of demands customers have. Also, I think Samsungs Micro-LED TV technology might make OLED obsolete if it can be done for cheaper. Micro-LED has none of the fallbacks of OLED and all the advantages of a traditional LCD. It's basically the perfect display technology. The big question is can they miniaturize the LED's small enough to make realistic size TV's and can they do it for cheaper than OLED. That is what will determine if OLED takes over more of the market or not. If they never drop under $1k retail, then LCD will be around for a long, long time.

2 hours ago
Been rocking an LG HD ready tv for over a decade, still going strong but wanted to upgrade, however OLEDs screen retention and image burns have psuhed me away. Here’s to hope finally getting an LG that can compete with Samsung’s QLEDs in that regard.

2 hours ago
And here I am with a $200 43 in 4k tv with HDR.. looks way better than my 1080p screen and thats good enough for me

8 hours ago
I think you are sick and need medical attention you are stupid

9 hours ago
Clickbait title :(

12 hours ago
Dont buy expensive and waste lot of money on burn in problem and image retention problem in oled... It shif fuked oled..

20 hours ago
The oled in that side by side had worse blacks... was it labeled wrong?

1 day ago
I love my oled lg55c6.

2 days ago
Linus, I am in market for ideal tv for HDR gaming and movies, I’m considering LGC8, Sony A1E, and Sony 930e....I’m stuck can you help? I want the OLED experience but am a little nervous about potential burn in?

2 days ago
3:57 Still waiting for Apple to realize this.

2 days ago
Fake news Qled is actually more expensive

3 days ago
"Super" light bleed

3 days ago
I still dream about that unrealeased Top Gun video...

3 days ago
I bought a mid priced 4K TV ($1800), I was very disappointed.Took it down stuck it in the spare bedroom, and have never turned it on again. Then I bought one of the middle of the line LG OLEDs ($5000) WoW! Love it! Worth every penny. And I'm not wealthy.

4 days ago
Shit's too expensive. You'd have to give me a really good deal for me to upgrade from my 55" 3D LED TV that is still in perfect working condition almost 6 years after purchase.

4 days ago
i have a 55" LG 4k uhd OLED i got for $1600 may 2018

4 days ago
I think Samsung will release micro led next year can someone confirm this cause I'm saving for it if it does.

4 days ago
LG will eventually transition over to MicroLED tech, but for now my 65" oled will see me for 10 years!

4 days ago
Pls tell me why you look so home sexual

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