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Is LG Ditching OLED??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


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The newest and best TVs for 2018 are rolling out, and as usual there’s a ton of marketing malarkey to cut through: OLED vs QLED, quantum dot vs nano cell, SUHD vs…Super UHD? More like ‘Super UGH’…

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Comments Directly on YouTube

26 minutes ago
Testified brother! I have been saying this all along, Finn is not that cool. I wish my iPhone was twice as thick and I had a longer life battery. I wish my TV was thicker and was more durable and brighter in more colorful. I agree with you 100%.

31 minutes ago
Remember Nguyen plasma TVs first came out and they were $50,000?

2 hours ago
Thanks for the review. Also, I believe ThinkQ is pronounced "THINK" as well. Pronoucing it as Think Queue is simply dopey .

15 hours ago
So LG wants to sell more OLEDS?
Make em cheaper mate. 15% of their sales i OLEDs is quite huge, I was expecting it to be closer to 3%.

19 hours ago
What about whites going gray on bright scenes also stutter and risk of burn in, and lifespan is in doubt when it comes to comparing to led tvs.

1 day ago
Hello everyone I need help.

What's the difference between lg Uk6090 and lg uh6090 tvs?

1 day ago
What about OLED burn in? I have seen on amazon a TON of reviews stating and complaining about burn in shortly after unboxing and using the tv for a little bit. I think it's ridiculous that LG is selling a TV with this kind of prominent problem at the price point its at, OLED may be beautiful and I want it so bad. but the drawbacks are too big and im tempted to just buy a qled, cause its close enough in quality and I don't have to worry about long term use too much. I hate buying things then either having a problem with them or having something else come out and wanting to buy the new thing that came out that fixes all the problems that OLED has, for example, microLED

1 day ago
RG and B monitor... RG and B... RGB bling Monitor CONFIRMED!

3 days ago
Most tvs image quality are good enough for everyone. Input lag and refresh rate is all that matters anymore seeing majority of people buying these tvs play video games. If it's not under 20ms input lag, don't waste your money. Get the G6FN samsung. 15ms amazing picture for movies and games. Buy under $1200 for black Friday 1400 with 2 year warranty.

3 days ago
Good point, Why did this 'THINNER' thing even take off. Performance is far more important than thickness.

4 days ago
Finalllyyy 1 person who called it think!!!! I'm sure that's how it was intended

4 days ago
Main reason I didn’t get OLED was burn in. I want to play video games on it and I don’t want to have to baby it all the time.

4 days ago
I don't think OLED tvs have a future with gamers unless they fix the burn-in. Many hardcore gamers pick one game and stick to it, meaning UI elements will be ghosted.

Light vs. Dark, response time vs picture quality, it's so damned hard to pick a TV/monitor.

5 days ago
Pretty cool , thanks for the info

5 days ago
LG OLED TV suffered burn in from 4000 hours test

5 days ago
>4 HDMI inputs


6 days ago
Sony X900F is way better.

6 days ago
It's 8K's era now, LG not reach 8K

6 days ago
That would be stupid oled looks the vest

6 days ago
Nano cell is the same as Quantum dot it's just a different name.

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