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Is LG Ditching OLED??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 7 months ago


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The newest and best TVs for 2018 are rolling out, and as usual there’s a ton of marketing malarkey to cut through: OLED vs QLED, quantum dot vs nano cell, SUHD vs…Super UHD? More like ‘Super UGH’…

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Comments Directly on YouTube

19 hours ago
See how the bike on the more fancy Oled tv has a more grayish red?

2 days ago
I'm new to modern T.V. input output but a few years ago won a gaming headset from skull candy I can you that headphones Wireless radio up to my laptop with Usb. Now the Usb on the back of these TV's says in but would it communicate out power and or audio to the wireless radio device for the headset?

2 days ago
i would never buy a LG TV, you're literally paying top quality price for a low budget hardware quality, what they may be selling for $2000 should be priced at $700

4 days ago
QLED is overrated and overpriced

4 days ago
Not going to lie. The two sode by side made the oled washed out.

5 days ago
An LG OLED TV with dynamic tone mapping is the best HDR experience do not listen to the naysayers that probably don't own one. I've got a Samsung MU9000 and with HDR there are many picture quality issues I wouldn't have got if I'd bought an OLED TV. SDR looks great but most budget TVs can display SDR well.

5 days ago

6 days ago
I love my oled tv!

1 week ago
Douchbag i am ditching you with this lame sales video

1 week ago
Is this guy talking fast or is it my brain working to slow, Come on I can take it ?I was in the remedials !

1 week ago
Can anyone find a 5.1 surround sound system that is compatible with a 65" Sony X900F

1 week ago
3:40 Are the captions the wrong way? The left one has much darker blacks but according to the caption is the LCD panel. What witchcraft is this?

2 weeks ago
Oled has burn in though...

2 weeks ago
Just got my OLED55B70, yesterday. My family and I are well pleased.

It seems like the main reason why you would still prefer LCD to OLED is due to price and/or if you're a serious gamer. Otherwise, if you just watch movies and regular TV want the best posible picture, you'll pay the premium for OLED.

2 weeks ago
Well this video talked me right out of buying this tv.

2 weeks ago
One of LG's biggest problems is that they aren't really great at business, not like Samsung anyway. Samsung has always been in the top 2 for smartphone sales with Apple and in recent years has stayed at number one. Their smartwatches are also among the most popular. LG has similar products with phones and watches but no one gets those. You download the samsung shop app, and you can buy or finance most of their products from TVs to home appliances like a fridge. LG does not sell their own products off their own website but thru retailers like best buy or Walmart, so it's hard to find them on any sales or promotions. The option to finance thru samsung without interest if you pay within the promotional period (say 3 years) and also being able to bundle their flagship TV with their flagship soundbar without breaking the bank. It opens up their sales to more people who otherwise cant afford them, unlike LG with that 15%. With my employee discount included, I got samsungs Q8fn with the KW-N950 and am saving about $2000. They also seem to be thinking about the consumers without the risk of burn in, and are now gonna be commercializing micro led. They also have a 2 year upgrade program to get the newest tv thru their financing program. LG needs to step it up in this regard because they have amazing products, but also pretty terrible customer service if you experience problems such as burn in after just a year or 2. My first 4k TV was lg and it said HDR in the specs online and stuff but my tv didn't have it, and when I contacted them with a screen shot of the specs online, they told me my model doesn't have, couldn't return it, and a week later, they fixed their page online. I bought it under false advertising/features and got stuck with it

2 weeks ago
The B8 OLED was $2100? Is that Canadian? I bought one last week for $1199 USD. Buydig had a sale on Google Express. It was $1499 then they had a limited time $150 discount. Then, during checkout, there was another $150 off coupon code. Got it for $1200 shipped with no tax. Very sweet deal if this was originally close to a grand more.

2 weeks ago
I got my LG Oled55B7 for 1300€ and I am super happy with it!

3 weeks ago
I'm stuck on oled. Wishing qled was good enough. This one now because of burn in from black ops 4 health box. Need micro led. But in 8k 65

3 weeks ago
I went to the shop planning to buy samsung Q7 cause the oled burns and i had the samsung q7 next to the lg b8 and it was like comparing a peugeot 206 to a peugeot 308 gti 2019. I came home with the B8 no competition and im glad i did it. I even played with the samsung tv on the shop on youtube and the hdr videos didnt even work on youtube plus the software is quite basic compare to the lg webOs. The Lg B8 65 inch worth every penny is an amazing tv and i dont work for Lg is my 2 cents

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