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How is Surah Al-Kahf Connected to Dajjal?
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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❱ Speaker: Dr. Yasir Qadhi
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How is Surah Al-Kahf Connected to Dajjal and Friday?
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6 hours ago
People have started doing the freemason hand signs muslims n Christians alike he is having his way😞

15 hours ago
Ya allah...

2 days ago
A couple of years ago I was so penurious that sometime I would spend my whole day without eating. I complained my situation to one friend of mine and he advised me to recite Surah Al-Kahf 110 times - one everyday (that's the number its verses). He told me that it was what he was doing and so was prosperous. I took his advice and started the recitation, one everyday. In like ten to fifteen days I memorized it completely, so I could even recite it while walking. It normally take me 9-10 minutes to complete it.
WALLAHI I have never again been in such financial hardship since then. In fact I can say my earning has more than quadruple since then. Just recite the surah once a day. In sha Allah in the next two weeks you will come with your successful story like mine. PLEASE SOMEONE TRY IT AND COME WITH YOUR STORY!

3 days ago
may Allah protect us All from messi Dajjal

3 days ago
Thank you for taking care of me Allah pbuhf even though I'm not perfect. I'm trying to do wudhu and I hope you are pleased...

3 days ago
I need to memorise Surah al-Kahf right now!❤️

3 days ago
Allah is great :) personal friend of mine

5 days ago
if dajjal comes when muhammad is alive then muhammad will protect? what nonsense? Muhamad is Allah now? and if dajjal comes after muhammad then there is no saviour? where is Allah? is Allah not saviour? LANAT ON THOSE WHO BELIEVE THIS NONSENSE and Garbage
People commenting Below who believe in dajjal are indeed fooled by devil.

5 days ago
allahu - akbar

6 days ago
who is the speaker?

1 week ago
Why people dislikes this video?

1 week ago
The Dajjal is connected to Jumu' ati(and latest software and firmware) and 'Friday'. Anyway well done. Thanks.

1 week ago
Well done. Well done. Well done. Quranic quantum quoting questionable queries. Nice explaination of surah al-kahfi melded with quantum knowledge. Yes, Yā Allāh is not fake. Happy decoding.

1 week ago
Who is dajjal? I am 9

1 week ago
The Masih ad Dajjal is here ,his followers call him lord matreiya u can check it out if u don't believe me..........

1 week ago
What's the difference between Sakinah and Salaam when both are translated as Peace?

2 weeks ago
*Democracy is dajjal. Kill and make majority system .but says power of people, massiah of people.
Vote and create own parlament and constitution will be made by human and very first verse slaps it
All parse to allah who sent down kitab (quran ,sariya,dictatorship, khilafa ) has no curruption*

2 weeks ago
Ya Allah protect my imaan

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