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Trump Sends Mixed Messages on Immigration: The Daily Show
   The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  Published: 2 weeks ago


While President Trump discusses DACA and his border wall with congressional leaders, his administration ends temporary protected status for El Salvadorian refugees.

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11 hours ago
Am in love with this man,

16 hours ago
Anyone in the comments could run this country better .-.

17 hours ago
What a shit-dick coming out of a shitass this President is, huh?

2 days ago
That joke about Supercuts hit me right in the heart.

3 days ago
2000 lies in 1 year mr. Trump!!!
Trevor if you lie to a liar are you a liar??
I guess we can say they're doing it in congress why can't we do it be a nation of Lies !!! Looking for the truth my friend!

4 days ago
So many triggered Trump worshipers. Don't be so easily offended. No one should care that much about some politician.

4 days ago
Trevor Noah might be the funniest man in the history of South Shithole

4 days ago
Does he not know that NOBODY will ever want to do business with him and his family after this........

4 days ago
This show took Trumps words so out of context it isn't even funny. A simple misunderstanding is all this was. If you truly want to be unbias, watch this hour long video up until the point of them getting to where this show took him out of context. Really opens your eyes at what this show is feeding you.

5 days ago
Lol this guy is funny as hell

5 days ago
I don't think y'all understand how much of the world thinks America is a laughing stock because of him. I'm from a third-world country, our government cares so little about us, but we still laugh at you, many people refer to Trump as 'the orange thing' when he's on the news. You can defend him all you want, I'm not stopping you but that's not gonna change the fact people literally think America is a circus now.

5 days ago
When you’re here on a temporary agreement why would you buy a house? If it comes down to deportation and ICE comes looking for you they’re pretty much just going to arrest you and put you on a plane. You won’t have a second to gather your belongings let alone sell your home. Those people don’t care if your kids are in school and won’t get picked up. You’re just gone.

5 days ago
Melania was her illegally until she married Trump and got her green card. Fact!

6 days ago
El Salvadorians who have homes and family can stay ofcourse! Citizenship is theirs, but MS13 Gangs... out!

6 days ago
How many people are in that room to do what they want and how many people are not in that room and you dont do what they want

6 days ago
This kid Noah is a racist.

6 days ago
the hole in the wall. that was a porn reference.

6 days ago
I understand when lawmakers are hesitant to push forward a clean DACA bill because they WOULD be there again deciding on another DACA bill if they don’t set parameters or enforce the laws already there. However, I don’t trust that Trump will treat our DACA children with care. We must enforce laws at employers who continue to hire illegal immigrants. That’s the first step. Next step should be case by case. That’s what I think. Yes, it’ll cost us a lot of our taxpayers money. But when you think about corporate welfare and the loopholes they jump through... ugh. There IS enough money to fix this issue AND raise up low and middle income CITIZENS we can also help our immigration problem IF corporate America chooses.

6 days ago
adjustment both latter interview skin kiss respondent gain than ban occupation.

6 days ago
They are not in any danger now if they return to their own country.
Lets get some thing strait for once "The Today Show" We Import More Non- Europeans Than Most other Countries.
Lets get another thing strait. These People Don't Have American Interests At Heart. Their Leaders Only Want To Spreed Their Race To The Rest Of The World While Simultaneously Whipping out Every Other Race Or Blurring The Ethnic Lines And The Laws Of Those Forign Nations.

With Out Laws And People To Enforce Those Laws. You Wouldn't Be Shitting There So Smug In Your Little Comfortable Chair With You Great Paying Job, Or Even Wearing That Really Nice Monkey Suite. Chances Are That You Wouldn't Even Have A Wife Or Kids To Go Back To Either.

This Isn't A Threat, It's Just With Out Laws That's The Kind Of World You Imbeciles Would Be Looking At A Third World Nation Or Worse. Some Place Like Iraq or Iran.

-Mass Crimes In Contrast To What We Define As Crimes
-Religious Killings
-Murders Walking Free Every Time
-Mass Rape And Molestation
-Gang Rapes
-Human Trafficking
-Free And Open Spouse Swapping And Forced Marriage
-Black Markets
-Illegal Unchecked Firearm Trade
-Drug Trades That Bring In More Product Than The Food Need For You're People To Live Off of
-The List does Continue This Is Just The First Ten Plus One That Comes To Mind.

And The Way That Islam Is Spreading In To All Parts Of Africa Like An Uncontrollable Plague.

The Today Show Lies To All And Makes A Mockery Of The Truth Just To Retain Their Hypocritical Position.

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